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Cloud Command Center

The Control Center for state-of-the-art management of multi-cloud environments.

Improve your business performance with optimised management of multi-cloud environments

Communication Valley Reply’s Cloud Command Center specialises in the provision of high value-added managed services for multi-cloud environments, designed to support customers in achieving specific IT and business objectives. Located in Italy and offering 24/7, 365 days a year availability, the Cloud Command Center (CCC) is designed according to operational standards of excellence and Security by Design approaches, certified according to the ISO 27001 information security standard.
Within the CCC, the team of Communication Valley Reply specialists focus on the real-time monitoring of managed systems and are responsible for the maintenance, evolution and optimisation of its customers’ infrastructure.

The management of complex, multi-cloud infrastructures (public as well as hybrid), together with the integration of automation techniques as well as Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Workload Management models, enables customers to move beyond the constraints of individual cloud providers, in favour of a global and real-time overview of the costs and performance of their environments. The integration with the Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) is a further added value. The CSOC is specialised in providing security services to protect customers’ networks, data and services. Thanks to this synergy, Communication Valley Reply guarantees CCC customers the highest levels of security available on the market.

Cloud Command Center services

Next Generation Monitoring & Business Observability

The monitoring of IT infrastructure based on traditional logic is no longer sufficient: Reply’s Cloud Command Centre has thus implemented an end-to-end, proactive, UX-focused, monitoring framework. The solution thus developed is capable of tracking the overall user experience on the various applications, regardless of the number and heterogeneous nature of the technologies and Cloud Providers used, in order to assess the performance of digital services and prevent the occurrence of malfunctions.


The monitoring framework designed and developed by Reply is able to overcome the limitations of traditional, pay-per-use models adopted by leading Cloud Providers, to provide customers with a comprehensive, end-to-end visibility of their cloud costs and the optimal provisioning of resources. The advanced FinOps processes developed by Communication Valley Reply make it possible to acquire a real-time, granular visibility of Cloud spending, and to optimise the dynamic sizing of infrastructure based on predictive scaling logics, including when it comes to legacy applications developed with logics that are vastly different from today’s Cloud paradigms.

Cloud Automation & Orchestration

The Cloud Command Centre offers a very high degree of automation and ensures state-of-the-art management of digitisation processes (CI/CD and Continuous Delivery). This enables customers to accelerate their processes, scale their infrastructures and, at the same time, ensure speed and quality for end users.

Workload Management

Communication Valley Reply has developed a fully-featured framework for the monitoring, management, orchestration and control of multi-cloud infrastructures. A flexible solution, in conformity with the applicable Security & Compliance requirements (GDPR compliant), as well as highly performing. This is in particular thanks to the use of proactive monitoring models that make it possible to determine, in real time, which is the Cloud Provider that, based on the specific situation, maximises the relationship between speed, sustainability and management overheads.

Optimise the management of your multi-environments with our Cloud Command Center services

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Communication Valley Reply is the Reply Group company specialising in Cloud, Network and Security managed services. Through its CCC, NOC and SOC, which offer 24x7, 365 days a year, Communication Valley Reply ensures infrastructure performance, Cloud and business continuity and fraud prevention to medium and large-sized companies. The services provided include Cloud Management & DevOps, Remote SIEM management & optimisation, Log Management, Security Device Management and Network Device Management. Communication Valley Reply also provides highly specialised banking fraud detection services, which allow to identify online frauds and to activate the necessary counter actions, for IT Operation, which allow to manage entire systems in outsourcing in H24 mode.