Case Study

Leading German legal tech company revolutionizes file review with AI

STP.One, a leading provider of law firm software, is developing its Legal Twin product with Storm Reply and Data Reply, which enables legal professionals to save valuable time and avoid errors thanks to generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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The vision

Screen thousands of legal case files in just a few minutes!


The scenario

Use of generative AI in the digital legal file

Lawyers, insolvency administrators, creditors and other legal experts must constantly and quickly familiarize themselves with many and, above all, difficult cases and record and extract complex information from them. This important, time-consuming activity ties up valuable resources in law firms.

The software manufacturer STP.One has set itself the goal of remedying this situation. The new product Legal Twin is more than just a digital twin of a file thanks to the use of generative AI.

The challenge

Reducing complex data to the essentials

An average legal case generates a large number of documents. A legal file can quickly contain several hundred or even thousands of documents. The previous approach of working through paper or PDF files is time-consuming and therefore unfortunately often inefficient. At the same time, suitable specialists who can take on this repetitive work responsibly are increasingly hard to find on the job market.

STP.One wanted a new product in its portfolio that would save users time. The product needed to capture all the digital files of a legal case and provide the legally relevant information in a matter of minutes. In addition, legal certainty, data protection and compliance had to be guaranteed at all times.

The solution

The Legal Twin for's law firm software

Based on Amazon Bedrock and the Storm Innovator, which enables accelerated development of cloud applications, the experts at Storm Reply, Data Reply and STP.One were able to set up a secure cloud environment that meets all requirements at the Frankfurt site. The users benefit from Claude 2.1, a Large Language Model (LLM) from Antrophic which showed very promising and precise results early. Thanks to this technology, the Legal Twin is able to extract all the facts from the entire digital file, summarizes them in a few lines, determines the area of law, the amount in dispute, identifies the parties involved and their roles, determines deadlines and enables further automation of the law firms. Legal experts can thus obtain a quick overview of the entire case in a short space of time.

Many years of collaboration with STP.One and Reply's extensive expertise enabled this innovative project to be realized within a few weeks.


The advantages

Real competitive advantages for STP.One and its customers

According to the Judicial Communications Act, all branches of the judiciary must have introduced electronic court records by January 1, 2026 at the latest in Germany. Similar projects are currently in progress all over Europe.

STP.One simplifies the way to achieve this with its new solution. But with Legal Twin, the company is not only paving the way for a digital future, it is also offering numerous practical advantages today. Around 6000 customers already benefit from:


Save time


Reduce costs


Minimize risks


Easy integration in existing environments

The Next step

Integration of a semantic search

STP.One and Reply are continuously working on improving the software. Today, the tool is mainly used to get a quick overview. In future, an AI-based semantic search (AI chatbot) will also automatically insert source information directly into the file and thus enable legally compliant further processing.

Generative AI is changing the way we work today, our Legal Twin is becoming more and more part of law firms. We still have many plans for further development and together with the Storm Reply team and AWS we will advance generative AI in the LegalTech market.

Dirk Eisenberg

Chief Technology Officer, STP.One


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