Case Study

Omni-channel experience in the insurance sector with low code

How to reduce time-to-market in the distribution of insurance products thanks to low-code.



New channels and business challenges

In recent years, investments within the insurance sector have focused strongly on the digitalisation of processes and the ability to offer customers an omni-channel experience.

In this evolution, the Contact Centre channel has undergone a radical transformation with respect to the requirements of the past.
Indeed, insurance companies are focusing on increasing customer self-service activities through the new Contact Centre concept.

Within this context, a leading player in the Italian insurance sector has requested Reply’s support to digitise its processes, setting itself a series of key objectives:

  • Operational efficiency to lower costs, investing in improving the self-service customer experience

  • Enhancement of the distribution network’s efforts through the adoption of self-service for retail

  • Extensive use of the Contact Centre to increase sales capacity and widespread presence


How to design an omni-channel solution in a heterogeneous landscape?

The most significant challenges faced by the team in ensuring the sustainability of the model included:

  • Guaranteeing a Fast Time-to-Market to ensure promptness in the response and in reaching the customer through new channels and services;

  • Maintaining flexibility on new channels to personalise the Customer’s ecosystem, understand their needs and provide a flexible offer that allows them to have freedom of choice in the use of services;

  • Ensuring the consistency of the processes, contextualising the Customer and creating personalised, but coherent related processes.

The solution created by Blue Reply followed a Centre Out approach, starting from the definition of the processes adopting the Low Code technology and then subsequently integrating the different systems, with the aim of exporting a homogeneous view towards the various channels.

The solution

The Centre Out approach: from process to channels

Within a digital architecture, Blue Reply has implemented the pre-sales and sales processes through the adoption of a Low Code solution. This solution allows hybrid journeys to be orchestrated between the self-service channel, the agency and the Contact Centre, centralising the impacts on the process so that they can be easily deployed, maximising re-use between channels and reducing the time-to-market for the distribution of new products.

Having tools strongly integrated with those of the Contact Centre makes it possible to contextualise the Customer, not only in relation to its profile and contact history, but also with a holistic view within the various processes, thus identifying the best actions to serve and support the Customer as consistently as possible.

Thanks to the low-code approach, the solution created can ensure an efficiency improvement of about 30% to 40% in the distribution of new products, thereby reducing time and costs.


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