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Cloud Platforms for Network at the edge

Telcos can transform the Network Access Layer into a distributed, cloud-native, multi-access Edge platform.

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The need for an Edge and Cloud-native Platform

Telecommunication Operators are facing a challenging time: investments vs revenues trends and competition from Hyperscales Virtual players are eroding EBITDA, while legacy and complex production platforms do not allow for an agile and flexible answer to digitizing customer demand. In this scenario, it is mandatory for the Operators to transform their production platform into a much more efficient, performant one, in order to operate and automatize cloud-native platforms, enabling fast innovation and edge-based service evolution, mimicking the successful Hyperscalers strategy.

The Network Disaggregation technology enables the transformation of the Network Access Layer into a distributed, Cloud-native and Multi-access Edge Platform, which will represent a distinctive asset for Telcos.

The Edge Platform built on the disaggregated Access is the route Telcos should embrace to reconstruct their technology foundations and re-shape their future

In order to ensure growth and success, Telcos must reconstruct the technology foundations around their distinctive asset – the Network Access Layer – transforming it into an Edge Cloud-native platform.

The Access Layer, in fact, can become a distinctive asset for Telcos once it is transformed into a distributed, Cloud-native and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) Platform. The capillary presence, together with the Edge capabilities and full softwarization of the Access Layer, will provide different advantages to Telco operators.

Extension and evolution beyond the traditional Telco space of the Service Pool

Service pool differentiation towards competitors and hyperscalers/ OTTs

Mimicking the highly automated, efficient, open and flexible production model of hyperscalers


Significant improvement in network performance (e.g. TTM) and Opex & Capex profile

The key: Network Disaggregation transforming the Access Layer

To achieve Network Access Layer transformation, the key technology to exploit is Network Disaggregation. This technology disaggregates proprietary vertical equipment into decoupled, general-purpose hardware and software, reproducing the relevant Network Functions: everything is managed by standard IT Automation tools. “Disaggregated Networking” leverages the principles of IT hyperscalers to deploy, operate, and support networks as a cloud-native infrastructure.

The implementation at scale of the Network Disaggregation Technology will allow Telcos to transform their Access Layer into an Edge and Cloud-based production platform through which clients are provided with traditional Telco services with great performances and at a low cost, while value-adding services are developed to be sold to clients (B2C, B2B) or to other companies (B2B2C, B2B2B).

Why Reply?

The disaggregation and softwarization of the Telco Network technology is a paradigm shift that requires a cultural, methodological and technological transformation. While little has been done so far  at the Access Layer,  a disaggregated/softwarized Access layer represents a unique asset Telco operators can use as a foundation for a distinctive Multi-Access and Cloud-like Platform at the Edge. This journey demands the ability to interface and interconnect the Traditional Telco landscape with Innovative Cloud-centric software technologies.

Reply has a deep understanding of Traditional Telco landscape (e.g. access network, backhaul and transport, SDWAN, OSS), disaggregated technologies (e.g. Fixed Access Voltha and SEBA solutions, “RAN-to-ORAN” “methodological framework”) and Cloud-native approaches (e.g. container orchestration).These, together with broad Agile, DevOps and CI/CD experience in softwarized networks and infrastructure, as well as the distinctive multivendor troubleshooting capabilities (gained from multiple disaggregation projects), have been the key pillars for successfully supporting the Industry forerunner Operators deploying (through to production) the Disaggregation Technology for both Mobile and Fixed Networks, as well as Cloud-led transformations.

Central to Reply’s DNA is the support of our clients in bringing innovation live. We help our customers in understanding, designing and deploying innovative solutions while, at the  same time, building the Client’s internal skills and capabilities required for a sustainable journey.

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