White Paper

The future of optimization: Object-Centric Process Mining

Constantly more extensive analyses are pushing classical Process Mining to its limits. Object-Centric Process Mining (OCPM) enables companies to analyze and optimize their processes more realistically. Our whitepaper shows what's behind it.

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The scenario

Overcoming the limits of classical Process Mining

Process Mining uses digital footprints to reconstruct, analyze, and improve processes. The basis for this is the so-called event logs. In simplified terms, these data indicate what happened and when. The analysis of this enables companies to use their resources more efficiently and increase their productivity. However, constantly expanding analyses are pushing the currently available technologies to their limits. Thereby, the fact that Process Mining only incompletely depicts the world becomes noticeable.


The solution 

Consider dependencies

Object-centric Process Mining (OCPM) offers a way out. It does not only deal with processes in a linear and isolated way but also enables the consideration of multi-layered dependencies that influence processes in reality. While traditional Process Mining focuses on events and their sequence, OCPM traces the path of all relevant packages, documents, or generally all objects and relates them to each other.

The Core

Using object-centric data

The advantages

A new understanding of the process

OCPM provides a richer picture and a more realistic understanding of the overall process.
Companies benefit from this in many ways:


Clear visualization in a process map

With a process map, the visualization of processes is simplified, allowing correlations and bottlenecks to be quickly identified.


Easy change
of perspective

In contrast to classical Process Mining, which often has a fixed viewpoint on the process, OCPM allows a dynamic change of viewpoint without additional data extraction.


Comprehensive process mapping & digital twins

OCPM enables significantly more extended analyses. In the future, it will therefore also be possible to create Digital Process Twins and thus a complete map of the processes.

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Benefit from our expertise

Want to learn more about the next generation of Process Mining? Our whitepaper explains what exactly is behind it and provides interesting background knowledge. In addition, our Reply experts will be happy to support you in your specific project. Let us optimize the processes in your company together – in a data-based and realistic way.