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The retail network restarts through digital marketing

Impacts of COVID-19 on sales networks and the approach for restarting

Covid-19 and the Retail sector

The retail world, in its many facets, is experiencing significant changes as a result of the impact of Covid-19, with effects on turnover due to lockdown, reduced demand and social distancing.

The network and its Corporate Brands are facing a series of short-term challenges in terms of health and safety, supply chain, cash flow, consumer demand, marketing and communication activities. While it is true that the behaviours adopted by users will in many cases become new habits, it is even more true that the most marked change in habits in commerce has been the transition to digital in the last five decades. It will not be enough to wait for the return to normal to recover what has been lost, but it will be necessary to work in stages to close the gap generated.

Restart with digital marketing

Nowadays, digital presence guarantees flexibility and agility of business communications towards customers, allowing the business to keep in touch and enable new relationship solutions at a distance. A website, a social profile, availability on online maps: these offer the business an opportunity to share important information such as the availability of a product, the possibility of delivery/shipping, opening hours, security measures taken, and to let customers know how to get in touch (email, private message, comment, review), and to provide assistance and support.

Like Reply's perfect combination of strategy and technology supports local business networks both in the development of the recovery steps and in the operational deployment of digital marketing initiatives at a scalable level for the entire network.


Digitalization of the sales network

Like Reply offers the retail industry a strategic and operational solution capable of enabling an online presence. Retail remains the sector with the best ability to customize its communications and get in touch with the consumer to fulfil the objectives of visibility and conversion. The benefits of a digital presence for sales networks range from strengthening the brand identity to increasing in-store traffic, as well as consistency of communication with corporate brand guidelines.



The management of the digital presence of a sales network inevitably raises the issue of the time needed to carry out a specific activity, in a sequential manner, for each of the stores involved in the project. To be effective, a programme of this type requires the management of each individual local business as if it were a stand-alone customer, with its own personalised touch points and advertising campaigns. As an example, advertising campaigns require a lot of time to be spent on recurring, low value-added activities such as: the configuration and activation of the adv services for each shop, the continuous updating of the campaigns designed according to the business changes occurring within the network, the frequent need to intervene on creativity to ensure continuity between the central and local message, both in terms of products and offers communicated.

To meet this need for scalability and efficiency, Like Reply has developed bLocal, a proprietary platform that allows Brands to easily activate and manage Digital Media Advertising services for their network.


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