Case Study

Legami and value chain innovation

The impact of digital transformation involves the entire retail value chain: from store-oriented touchpoints to employee-oriented management.

Customer Centricity: a winning strategy

Driven by digital innovation, consumers began asking for the physical store to take on a new meaning, a phenomenon that has necessitated a profound transformation on the part of retailers. The consumer does not simply want to be able to access products more easily and when they need them, they expect this to take place through a highly personalised relationship in which the Retailer is able to mutually exchange value with its customers. Brands must therefore adopt a customer-centric organisation, updating and optimising their business processes in order to meet the new standards.

Legami, an Italian company that actively explores the worlds of Stationery, Diaries and Calendars, Lifestyle, Beauty, Tech and Accessories, has intercepted this need, choosing dynamism, creativity and innovation as its key factors for success. This stems from its understanding that digital transformation needs to start from the physical store, and then extend across the entire company.

Oracle Retail XStore

Point of Sale

In 2018 Legami began a collaboration with Retail Reply, with the aim of modernising the store and its key application, Point of Service. The latter was no longer aimed solely at managing sales transactions, instead acquiring a broader interpretation, capable of embracing the relationship with the customer, as well as the management of operational processes according to standards of excellence.

Legami’s goal was to achieve an omnichannel configuration that could satisfy two key requirements: on the one hand, to assure customers of the best possible experience and, on the other, to make available to its employees applications capable of increasing the effectiveness of the relationship with the consumer and improving work efficiency in day-to-day activities. Retail Reply proposed the best solution for Legami’s needs based on the Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Sale suite.

A successful collaboration

Thanks to its long-standing experience in the sector and its proven success in the optimisation of Oracle technologies, Retail Reply led the implementation of Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Sales. The first phase of the project was focused on the analysis of front-end store processes and the analysis of the flows between the stores and the central warehouse. This phase was supported by a diverse team of professionals with extensive experience in implementing the Xstore application, in the analysis of front-end processes and logistical flows to and from physical stores, in the implementation of Loyalty and Gift Card systems and in integration with eCommerce systems. The challenge consisted of being able to map and optimise all the different store-related logistics flows used by Legami within the Xstore application.

Thanks to the preliminary analysis phase focused on the processes and flows between the various stores and the central warehouse, which lasted 3 months, Legami and Retail Reply were able to exploit the potential of the Xstore suite in full. This allowed them to streamline store processes and find the necessary space to introduce new ones such as the management of Loyalty, of Gift Cards and the integration of the eCommerce channel. The project implementation phase was completed in just 6 months. Retail Reply’s technical team designed and developed the architectures and re-engineered the processes required to optimise the store operations, while ensuring a strong focus on the centrality of the data. For this very reason, all the information relating to transactions and to inventories is updated in near real time for each store and throughout the Legami distribution network, thus ensuring end-to-end data consistency.

The key benefits

Greater visibility into inventories, deliveries and orders

Thanks to the solution developed by Retail Reply, in addition to optimising its core business processes, Legami was able to achieve full visibility into its inventories in stores and in distribution centres, on daily deliveries to points of sale, on orders in transit and on logistics.

Improved usability of the checkout application

The design led to improved usability of the Xstore Point of Sale checkout application. Today, Legami’s store assistants can benefit from a user-friendly solution designed to guide the operator during the sales process.

New omnichannel customer experience

Legami is now able to provide its customers with a renewed Customer Experience: the customer can seamlessly take advantage of the in-store and online shopping experience, benefiting from the synergies that the two touchpoints can provide in terms of loyalty and frequency of purchase.

Simplified headquarter processes

The so-called headquarter processes, such as sales and marketing analysis, which are aimed at defining personalised promotional campaigns and the reporting of store and sales assistants' performance have been simplified, thanks to the transversal and real-time availability of data.

Legami is a creative workshop with a careful eye for innovation, aesthetics, materials and production processes. It actively explores the worlds of Stationery, Diaries and Calendars, Lifestyle, Beauty, Tech and Accessories, ensuring that each product is a unique experience. The Company is always on the look-out for new trends to impress customers with original and exclusive offers: the Legami universe is made up of infinite worlds to discover, thanks to hundreds of quality products, always different, colourful, positive and amusing, perfect for everyone and for every mood. Legami operates 23 boutiques in Italy. The company’s eCommerce channel,, is available in Italy and internationally, while its products are sold in some of the world’s most prestigious bookshops and shopping centres: Feltrinelli, Mondadori, La Rinascente, Coin, Galeries Lafayette, El Corte Inglés, Waterstone, Thalia, Cultura, Tate Modern Shop, Boutique Centre Pompidou and many others. Passion, ethics, integrity and respect are the founding principles of the company’s philosophy.


Retail Reply supports its customers in the retail, fashion and consumer sectors, in capitalising on the opportunities offered by the digital transformation and customer experience, in-store and online. With a specific range of skills focused on the design of IT architectures, store implementation, loyalty programme management solutions, the creation of online and mobile customer experiences, omnichannel implementation through microservice architecture and capacity-based planning, Retail Reply supports its customers throughout the entire transformation process, from the definition of the digital strategy, to its planning and all the way to the implementation of the solution.