White Paper

Quantum Technologies and solutions:
the state of play

Be ready to take advantage of the quantum computational capacity and to understand its impact on your business.

10 thousand years in 200 seconds

Thanks to computing power, speed and memory capacity, quantum computing and quantum computers represent the only viable solution in the near future for solving problems that cannot be solved otherwise, making it possible to perform calculations that a normal computer would require about 10,000 years for, in about 200 seconds.

While the classical computational method is based on the binary system, with the bit that reproduces information with the use of 0 and 1, quantum computing exploits the laws of Quantum Mechanics enabling new "parallel" calculation methods through the so-called “superposition principle” of states.

Reply and Quantum Computing

In this new technological framework, in order to add new skills to its consolidated experience in traditional computing, Reply has created a multi-disciplinary research group which, for over two years, has been focused exclusively on quantum computing, including work on actual cases and partnerships with important international players.

Reply’s aim is to bring Customers closer to quantum computing, so that they are technologically ready for the moment when quantum computational capacity is able to have a real impact on science and business, both in terms of creating value and in managing risks: from the opportunities offered with regard to the profitability of equity portfolios, to the potential dangers for current cryptography.

The biggest of the next big things

The power of quantum computing has already taken commercial form and promises enormous results. Many of the calculations, of problems in corporate processes, if improved or resolved quicker, can generate a rapid net economic value in various application areas.


The performance of quantum computers is increasing and redefining the boundaries of human ability and knowledge.


Projects aimed at leveraging the potential of Quantum Computing to manage traffic, or other specific logistical problems, are growing in number.

Financial Services

Portfolio optimisation, fraud detection and high-frequency trading are just some of the areas of interest in which the Financial Services sector is planning to use the application options that come from the use of Quantum Computing.

Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals and Materials Science

Many new applications are on the horizon, starting with the optimisation of the manufacturing supply chain.

Where Reply can make

the difference

Thanks to the experience gained with Customers and the research done by the internal team focusing on quantum computing, Reply has been able to study this technology in depth and to verify the applicability of the algorithms to the combinatorial optimisation of corporate processes and the hardening of security. Two projects which, in fact, are already in production thanks to long-standing partnerships with 4 leading Italian players: in the Railway area, in Banking, in the Telco area, and in Energy.