Case Study

Magnum Pleasureland: a Magnum-themed virtual space in the Metaverse

Xister Reply has been a long-standing partner in Magnum Ice Cream's mission to provide novel experiences of gratification and amusement. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of an immersive virtual world on the Metaverse platform “The Nemesis”.

#Digital Experience
#Virtual Reality


The Challenge

Designing a captivating digital experience that elevates brand presence on the Web 3.0, resonates with consumers, aligns with brand values, and effectively drives conversion.


Welcome to Pleasureland

Magnum Pleasureland is a virtual immersive world dedicated to Magnum Ice Cream, developed on the Metaverse platform “The Nemesis”. Xister Reply conceived and designed a virtual environment dedicated to aesthetic and sensory pleasure where users can navigate among evocative 3D elements recalling the brand visual identity and products, such as mountains of chocolate and caramel waterfalls, while engaging in a range of different activities: a place where virtual and real pleasures can finally meet.



Magnum Virtual Pleasure Store

It was included also a Virtual Pleasure Store to let users discover and buy their favorite Magnum ice-cream through the food delivery service Glovo.



Engaging users with different activities

A series of activities were made available to engage users, such as a Magnum Trivia Quiz, an informative section about Magnum initiatives in sustainability and some of the most addictive arcade games ever. Moreover, in order to keep the users’ attention high, two coming-soon areas, dedicated to the Magnum Nocciola Remix and the new Magnum Sunlover & Starchaser ice creams, will be unlocked over the next days giving access to a series of new activities, game challenges and special features.


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