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My home is smarter than yours

Through its fully integrated IoT Hardware & Software platform and its IOT incubator, Reply is providing the most advanced solutions to support leading Service Providers in redefining the connected home marketplace.

Reply Smart Home solutions allow service companies to develop their own B2B or B2C Connected Home services.

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  • Enabling a quick roll-out of IoT-enabled services

  • Smart sensors (fire, smoke, CO2, water) preventing property damages

  • IP cams and Intrusion detection sensors preventing theft

  • Smart home appliances monitoring home damages

  • Health sensors monitoring patient health parameters

  • Professional home monitoring


  • Device interaction with wearables and IoT devices for telemedicine

  • 24/7 emergency and assistance helpline for instant support

  • Hospital@home

  • Elderly care/Children monitoring devices

Home Manufacturing

  • Development of a next generation of IoT-enabled Domestic Appliances

  • Onboarding into nascent IoT-enabled ecosystems

  • Developments to support Apple (Homekit) and Google (weave) smarthome propositions

  • Developments to support open source smarthome platforms (e.g. Openhab)


  • Interactive video

  • Home/Office monitoring (self-monitored and professionally-monitored)

  • Home/Office automation & Remote control

  • Remote technical support

  • Child/Elderly care

  • Maintenance alerts

  • Management of third-parties domestic appliances

Security & Safety

  • Self-monitored home security solutions

  • Professionally-monitored home security solutions

  • Access Control (Intrusion detection sensors, door/window sensors)

  • Smart Appliances integration for mainteinance & repair

  • Environmental safety (smoke, fire, flood)



Energy visualization and smart meters

  • Demand disaggregation

  • Smart heating control & optimization (e. g. smart thermostats)

  • Energy plugs and IoT-enabled devices (e.g. zigbee energy clamps)

  • Smart grid and mobile-enabled demand response

  • On-site generation

  • Data Analytics

Reply Smart Home in a box platform is built on 3 pillars

Open IoT Platform

Reply provides its open and white label platform to leading service providers enabling them to rapidly deploy Smart Home services.
The platform connects in-home devices with other cloud services via industry-leading APIs and can be deployed in cloud or on premises.
The platform supports the richest range of use cases and enables the integration of a wide range of devices supporting open IoT standards to enable the creation of an open partners ecosystem.


Smart Home devices and sensors

Reply is partnering with leading gateway and Smart Home sensor manufacturers, in order to provide an end-to end solution to its customers.
Thanks to the experience of Reply Labs in the design and manufacturing of IoT devices, Reply is also able to engineer custom hardware solutions. By adopting open API and IoT standards Reply platform enables an easy onboarding of a large range of third parties devices.

Operations and support

Reply can provide a wide range of system integration and support services to enable the most flexible implementation of Smart Home services.
Besides the first and second level support, Reply offers a rich set of back end and platform operation tools and RMA as well as device support.
Examples of Reply operations and support services are: third-parties services providers onboarding, additional devices manufacturers onboarding and integrated platform maintenance services.