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WRT: the Whatever-you-want Reservation Tool

A simple, effective, rapidly available and customisable way to manage your bookings.

Bookings made simple

WRT is a modular software solution from Go Reply, powered by Google, which makes managing reservations easy. It incorporates a commitment to occupy and the right to benefit from the reservation on presentation of a receipt. It’s easy to use and can be adapted to a wide range of applications and situations.

From office workspaces to in-store appointments

Here are some examples of how WRT can be applied in various areas:

HR (SMEs, enterprises)

Workplace attendance record
Canteen/parking/workspace bookings
Managing authorisation and leave requests


In-store appointment booking
Booking of cashier slots
Managing a digital queue


Reservation of in-person medical/specialist appointments
Reservation of online medical/specialist appointments

A tool that facilitates hybrid working

“Let your employees work smarter – not harder!”

Hybrid working modes increasingly involve the ability to share workspaces consecutively. More and more organisations need reservation solutions that are easy to use and that integrate with their existing productivity software suite. WRT addresses these needs in a smart and agile way. As a reliable and modular web application, it can be used by PC-based and mobile employees (fully responsive) to report their attendance, reserve a desk, meeting room, canteen seat or parking space (for themselves or other colleagues). They can even get recommendations on which area to book based on office usage/status (clustering).

Strategic benefits for your company

WRT also makes many things easier for the company by:

establishing different booking and office attendance policies

dynamically managing changing capacity numbers over time and as needed

predicting occupancy rates in the canteen based on the number of bookings made (useful for canteen management)

scheduling maintenance in advance, at the most suitable time, with minimal impact on employees

predicting occupancy levels, thus enabling cost-benefit analyses of office usage

Why did we choose the Google Cloud platform?

The WRT modules are operated using serverless technology from the Google Cloud platform. This makes the solution highly user-friendly both for low user numbers and in settings involving hundreds of thousands of users.


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