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How to create crypto games in the metaverse

Ringmaster has developed a framework for creating crypto games within the metaverse, which guarantees the freedom to create, customise and distribute their products easily, enabling a more immersive gaming experience than ever.


Maximise the crypto gaming experience through a framework that incorporates virtual reality, metahumans and NFTs.

The key components of the framework

With the cryptocurrency boom, gaming companies must act quickly to capture the attention of new digital currency experts. Ringmaster has created a modular and easily customisable framework, using cutting-edge technologies and a cloud-ready structure, to help companies develop their crypto games.

3D Client with the Unreal Engine

The graphical component of the game, developed in 3D, is based on the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine, the main standard in the game industry. This makes it possible to obtain particularly detailed environments and ultra-realistic characters thanks to metahuman technology.

Game engines and microservices

The framework's core is developed with an architectural approach to microservices. This guarantees the scalability, reliability and technological flexibility of the applications. The main component is Game Engine, and it offers multiple services that can be adopted depending on business needs.


The blockchain is used to ensure the security and reliability of transactions between players and game developers: once a transaction is recorded on the blockchain, it cannot be modified or deleted in any way. This makes this technology ideal in games where there are cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Ringmaster's crypto game: Metarace

Based on the developed framework, Ringmaster created the crypto game Metarace. Within the game, each user has one or more racers with different characteristics that stem from the game's genetic algorithm: players can access different race options and let their racers run, achieving, in the event of a win, cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

An innovative approach to gaming

This innovative business model, based on cryptocurrencies, is about to bring decisive changes in the gaming sector, allowing game distribution companies to enter the metaverse. In this way, they will be able to stand out from the competition and offer an innovative and engaging gaming experience thanks to numerous factors.

Blockchain technology enables the possession and exchange of objects between players. Virtual reality provides an extraordinary level of immersiveness in the game, and the various control and management tools allow merchants to monitor all games in a simple and intuitive way.



Ringmaster is a joint venture between Reply and IGT (a world leader in gaming, gambling and lotteries). He works in a technologically advanced, dynamic, constantly evolving and international context. It designs, creates and distributes software products and designs agile, scalable and high-performance IT architectures. For several years it has started multiple research and development laboratories that study all technological market trends such as Metaverse, AI, Machine Learning and Low-Code/No-Code.