Number one in Digital Experience

Reply tops the BVDW ranking for the fourth time in a row

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A holistic, personalised customer experience

We are leveraging the full potential of creativity, data and technology in order to help our clients design and build holistic experiences that enable human-centric business growth.

The combination of IT and customer experience is one of the key success criteria for the implementation of sustainable digital strategies. Transformation processes towards new digital business models and digital experience projects are becoming increasingly complex. We rely on innovative technologies, data-driven insights and creativity. We meet the complex challenges of our clients with highly efficient, integrated solutions that are developed by industry-leading experts in our corporate network. In this way, we increase the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing and open up the possibility for companies to create a completely new, personalised customer experience for their customers.

New digital business models and services

The shift of interactions from the physical to the digital not only demands the development of technical functions - it requires the rethinking of business models. The adaptation of new digital technologies is currently at the top of the corporate agenda. This includes, for example, the topic of the Metaverse: A broad technology stack is needed for digital business models in the metaverse. It involves competences in the design of virtual environments and digital twins, the development of 3D real-time content, spatial computing and

blockchain technologies to enable the use of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens). In the future, the use of artificial intelligence will also be necessary for a successful customer experience in order to address customers individually, to create precise analyses and predictions and to react agilely to market movements. This is why companies benefit from providers like Reply who understand how to combine technology and creativity.


Reply on top position again

Based on the renowned Internet Agency Ranking of the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW) Reply - Digital Experience is the largest company group for the fourth time in a row. Providing full-service in the field of Digital Experience, Reply was able to provide the right answers to the complex questions of the time, helping brands to quickly adapt to new challenges and remain truly relevant to their customers.

The BVDW ranking is the industry barometer of the German internet agency landscape. It has been conducted annually since 2001, listing providers whose core business is the conception, creation and technical realisation of digital solutions according to their annual turnover.

The German Association for the Digital Economy (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V., BVDW) is the central body for the representation of interests of companies that operate digital business models and whose value creation is based on the implementation of digital technologies. As the driving force, guide and accelerator of digital business models, the BVDW represents the interests of the digital economy towards politics and society and campaigns for the creation of market transparency and framework conditions that encourage innovation.