Case Study

Big Data Analytics for Automotive

The solution

Data Reply, the Reply Group Company specializing in data management with Big Data & Advanced Analytics methodologies, is supporting CNH Industrial in a project aimed at collecting and analyzing telematics data coming from industrial vehicles. Data collection is carried out using a single versatile and flexible platform, which scales quickly and allows to efficiently handle a large amount of data.

Telematics data is joined with other data sources, such as the location of workshops and maintenance activities, that allow to track vehicle activities and conditions in order to enable new value-added data analyses.

Business Opportunities

The solution developed by Data Reply introduces CNH Industrial to new business opportunities, because the collected information shows the actual use of a vehicle, in terms of timing and activities.

Through the use of Machine Learning techniques, developed thanks to a team of Data Scientists, gathered data is used to make advanced analyses of the vehicle’s activities. Product visibility doesn’t end with sale, but continues with the end user's everyday use: in this way, the company can anticipate customers’ needs and offer customized after-sales services.

Reply for CNH Industrial


Data Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in data management using Big Data & Advanced Analytics methodologies. Data Reply supports customers in the design and implementation of data platforms that aim to enhance and capitalise on corporate information assets. Data Reply is a team of Big Data Engineers and Data Scientists with extensive expertise and a high number of Big Data systems in production.