Case Study

"Please don’t buy", change the way you dress

The right dress at the right time is just one click away, for as long as you need.

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How to keep customers coming back offering a smart and unique experience wherever they are?


Focus on customers

The retail market has undergone a revolution in recent years, further accelerated by the pandemic: the online shopping experience has evolved in a surprising way, contaminating also the in-store shopping dynamics. Customer experience must now be consistent across all the touchpoints to ensure customer needs are being met wherever customers choose to interact with the brand.


Building the shopping of tomorrow

Please Don't Buy is a Twinset initiative that promotes the rental of clothes 100% Made in Italy, directly from the manufacturer. The project was launched to give Twinset customers the opportunity to wear luxury clothes at an affordable price, proposing a sustainable alternative in the fashion landscape.

The key is giving people the option to get their hands on their products in the most suitable way possible. For some customers, this means shipping orders to their house. For others, it means giving them the ability to try items and pick them up in-store.Whatever the case, make sure you’re able to be there for your customers no matter where or how they’re shopping.


Speed, security and easiness. Plus a one-to-one relationship

We have designed an online and in-store experience for Twinset, guiding the client through every step of the project.

The Oracle xStore solution, already in use to track sales processes in Twinset stores, was effectively adapted to rental processes. Its presence on mobile devices and integration with the most innovative payment instruments has made it easily available to younger customers.


What makes great Twinset shopping experience

New options are now available to Twinset customers, both in-store and online:

  • Personalise the purchase choosing the rental period

  • Subscribe and manage an insurance policy for a totally secure experience

  • Book a rental , so as to secure the favourite dress when required

  • Conclude the payment in with one on the smart payment methods available in Twinset stores

  • Have a fast and smart checkout

  • Track rental items - from the time that a garment is delivered to the customer, all the way to when it is returned

  • Easily retrieve the rental transaction



The Twin-Set Simona Barbieri brand was born from an all-Italian and pink story. Its creator is in fact Simona Barbieri, of Modenese origins, who began in the early 90s to launch an all-female fashion on the market made up almost exclusively of knitted garments. The company is engaged in its own expansion, between retail and internationalization, employs over 800 people and distributes its products in Italy, Europe and Asia.


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