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Navigating Sovereign Clouds

Find out how Sovereign Clouds can help you improve control over your data and comply with regulatory requirements.

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Benefit from the advantages of Public Clouds; but securely and self-determined. Sovereign Clouds make this possible.

Bridge the Gap

Addressing cloud dependency and security concerns

Public Clouds increase flexibility, facilitate collaboration, and hold the potential to increase value creation. Indeed, they are already part of everyday life for numerous companies and stakeholders. But at the same time, many decision-makers have concerns about the security of sensitive data, whether they can meet all national legal requirements with public cloud services, and fear a dependency on hyperscalers. For all these reasons, a new solution is needed, especially for sensitive data and particularly regulated industries.



Upgrading the capabilities of Public Clouds

Sovereign Clouds meet the need for more security and independence. They combine the well-known advantages of Public Cloud services adding valuable features.


Data sovereignty

Sovereign Clouds ensure that the user has exclusive control over the utilization of his or her data. They frequently provide encryption mechanisms or other security measures outside the platform, rendering it inaccessible to the cloud provider.


Data residence

With Sovereign Clouds, users can determine in which country or region their data is stored and processed and which jurisdiction it is subject to as a result.


Software sovereignty

Sovereign Clouds avoid lock-in effects that make multi-cloud solutions or switching providers difficult. They enable easy migration of data and thus grant the user more independence and a free choice of software.


Legal conformity

Sovereign Clouds ensure compliance with regionally applicable laws and regulations with a set of policies and governance.


Sovereign Clouds in action

But what does this security and sovereignty upgrade actually mean for users in practice? Let's explore the concrete benefits that companies, the public sector, and professionals bound by confidentiality can expect to enjoy.

Securing competitive advantages

Whether it's a frozen pizza or a sports car, the production process involves multiple employees and suppliers who interact with the associated data. Recipes, manufacturing processes, or construction plans are often valuable trade secrets that contribute to delivering the right flavor or optimal acceleration, ultimately providing a competitive edge. Safeguarding this data is crucial to preserve these advantages. By leveraging Sovereign Clouds, companies can ensure that only authorized users have access to the data, mitigating the risk of compromising sensitive information.

Protecting personal data

When individuals relocate and seek to re-register with their municipality or city, the convenience of online registration can significantly reduce lengthy office waiting times. Yet, public administrations face a critical dilemma in their pursuit of digitizing such services: the need for cloud solutions while complying with stringent regulations safeguarding personal data. The significance of territorial borders, governing data storage and processing, cannot be understated. In the past, non-European hyperscalers struggled to ensure data residency. However, Sovereign Clouds now provide a viable solution to address this issue.

Maintaining professional secrecy

In the pursuit of delivering optimal patient care, it is crucial for doctors to exchange findings and diagnoses. However, the sensitive nature of personal health data necessitates special protection measures. For a considerable period, doctors faced challenges in utilizing cloud solutions, such as digital patient files, to exchange data without breaching professional confidentiality. Sovereign Clouds offer a solution that upholds the duty of confidentiality while leveraging the benefits of Public Cloud solutions. This makes them highly relevant not only for healthcare professionals but also for other professions bound by professional secrecy, such as lawyers or banking personnel.

How sovereignty succeeds

The right solution for your data

However, Sovereign Clouds are not created equal. The available solutions vary in their ability to deliver the aforementioned benefits. Therefore, finding the appropriate Sovereign Cloud for your data is crucial. Reply can guide you through the key factors to consider.


Let's develop your tailored path to
Sovereign Cloud.

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