Case Study

Democratize costs and obtain full governance using FinOps

Designing and implementing a FinOps platform based on our CAFFE methodology for an Oil & Gas multinational company.

the goal

To democratize costs and give full ownership of cloud costs and usage through FinOps methodology.


A progressive cloud adoption

An Oil & Gas multinational company started the adoption to cloud services by expanding its Cloud Native applications portfolio. This was achieved by taking advantage of several public cloud providers, which allowed the expansion of its current line of services. The customer’s goal was to create a platform that would give full ownership of cloud costs and usage to the product owner by introducing FinOps methodology within the current forecasting and budgeting processes.


The need for a full cloud governance

Complete governance over its costs and usage is mandatory for companies adopting cloud solutions. This requirement is particularly challenging for large companies due to its substantial number of managed applications, which was the case of the energy company  from this case study. In this context, tagging cloud resources was not enough, and full integration with information coming from a myriad of applications was needed. Democratizing costs was also an onerous task, not only for technical reasons, but due to the company culture and working methods.


An organic approach based on FinOps

Reply proposed a complete and organic approach based on three main pillars:

  • FinOps Platform
    FinOps platform was designed and implemented following FinOps official methodology and expertise. 

  • FinOps Roadmap
    A roadmap was implemented to build the platform and integrate Cloud Service Provider data with all internal application info.

  • Awareness & Change
    Change management activities and awareness stream were developed to support a smooth FinOps adoption within the company.