Case Study

Automatic updates and business continuity with Oracle ERP Cloud

Italdesign's cloud journey marks the transition from customisations of the on-premise era to continuous and innovative updates of cloud solutions.

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The challenge

Evolve a highly customised on-premise system to a cloud solution based on automatic and constant updates.


Italdesign's Digital Transformation journey

For over 50 years, Italdesign has been collaborating nationally and internationally with established and emerging realities in the world of mobility, product and transportation design.

The company has started a Digital Transformation process aimed at improving the processes of the main business functions, from planning and order management to invoicing, in a constantly evolving technological and regulatory environment.

The solution

A solution based on Oracle ERP Cloud

The solution implemented with Business Reply includes different business processes, using different Oracle ERP Cloud modules.


Order Management

For entering and processing orders



For the management of the organisation's financial transactions, such as the billing cycle and supporting reporting



For supplier and risk management



For managing product flows and optimising service levels



For project management, from the summary of costs to the management of resources.

To ensure the usability of the system both on mobile and desktop and to support the increasingly widespread reality of smart working, Business Reply has also created cloud-native front-end applications with Oracle low code development environments (Oracle Visual Builder, Oracle APEX and Oracle DB cloud service). The system is completed with Business Intelligence to support operations and is easily integrated with the Microsoft Office package.

How did we do it

A "product driven" approach

Business Reply has adopted a “Product-driven” approach, using interactive workshops to enable a complete understanding of the system. This approach allows for a progressive refinement of the product configuration, meeting functional and process requirements. The entire project was conducted through remote communication applications, starting from the pandemic period.

The approach used by Business Reply, thanks to its vast and consolidated implementation experience, has made it possible to extend the ERP through the design and implementation of additional functionalities, based on PaaS (Platform as a Service) technology, which does not modify the application but integrates with it.


the benefits

A perfect combination of cost balancing and process improvement

The move to the Cloud has allowed Italdesign to benefit from a strong reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and an increase in Return on Investments (ROI). In fact, the cost of customisations and continuous release upgrades has been eliminated thanks to automatic and constant cloud updates that guarantee the correct and smooth operation of the application.

Furthermore, a timely schedule of release upgrades allows us to have a system that is constantly equipped with the latest technologies, as well as a simple and modern user experience, with data accessible and analysable in real-time.
The solution has therefore made it possible to effectively support Italdesign's business model, representing a perfect combination of cost balancing and process improvement.



Founded in 1968 by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Aldo Mantovani, Italdesign is a service company for the large automotive industry, which assists in design, design, industrial development, up to the validation, approval and construction of pre-series prototypes and exclusive highly customizable limited and ultra-limited series. Since its inception, the company has been collaborating globally both with traditional car manufacturers and with newcomers to the mobility sector. Founded to provide services to automotive manufacturers, since 1981 the company has developed an activity in the Product and Transportation Design sectors, dealing with means of transport other than cars (trains, planes, boats, agricultural machinery, urban transport vehicles, etc.), consumer goods, packaging, corporate identity and graphics. It has also invested in skills and structures in the field of architecture, interior design and urban furniture. Since May 2010, the company has been part of the Audi/Volkswagen Group and employs more than 1000 employees who work in Italian and foreign offices.

Business Reply


Business Reply is the Reply group company specialized in the creation of integrated systems based on Oracle application solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, Business Reply is a leading company in ERP and Corporate Governance services. Thanks to a strong propensity for Digital Transformation, to the investments made in innovation, research and development and in training courses for its resources, Business Reply was the first Italian Oracle partner to implement projects on Oracle ERP Cloud, OTM Cloud and Service Cloud platforms. Business Reply supports its customers with deep knowledge of business processes, acquired through experience in different contexts, and strong technical expertise on all Oracle application solutions (ERP, CX, Transport and Supply Chain, PLM, HCM, Business Intelligence).

February 2024