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A Data Masking extension for AWS CMS

Storm Reply's solution for the AWS CMS, ensuring data privacy for a connected vehicle platform.

What is AWS Connected Mobility Solution?

AWS Connected Mobility solution (CMS) is a platform that provides a framework for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to reduce the time-to-market of a connected vehicle solution capable of gathering several types of data from a fleet of vehicles.

The CMS is an accelerator that provides the main building blocks customisable for each specific customer in order to deliver a connected vehicle platform.

Transferring data preserving privacy

Based on the CMS, Storm Reply implemented a plug and play extension to the framework that adds the capability of transferring data to OEMs’ partners, allowing them to create new services while still maintaining the data privacy requirements via data masking capabilities. The extension enables “data masking and data dispatching” management based on the data stored in the connected vehicle platform. This data can be linked to the vehicle’s telemetry, the vehicle registry, or to the customer that drives the vehicle.

Value-added connected vehicle solution

This extension simplifies data sharing between the owners of the connected vehicle platform and their partners (e.g. insurance companies, rental companies), guaranteeing the end-user data privacy at any time.

In this way, the customer is able to:

  • increase the value of its connected vehicle solution for its end-users, allowing a direct integration with the partners involved;

  • exploit the value of the data stored in the connected vehicle platform by sharing it with other companies, after end-user approval. For example, telemetry data can be shared with data analytics companies in near real-time to precisely compute the feedback about how OEM’s customers use the vehicles.

Depending on the specific use case and end users’ preferences, data can be automatically anonymized.

Through the usage of the accelerator, that leverages Infrastructure as Code (IaC) technologies, the complete solution can be delivered in a fast and cost-efficient way.

Serverless API allowing data retrieval

The solution is composed of a serverless API that allows historic data retrieval from a data lake, which is populated with telemetry data generated from the CMS. A real-time kinesis data analytics application provides an alternative way to access the data since this application is capable of dispatching data to configured third-parties endpoints while applying masking on sensitive data fields or to fields that are irrelevant to the partner. Before any data is shared with a third party, a check is performed, verifying if the user has given consent to share that data with the given third party. The user consent is stored and managed by a dedicated microservice implemented as a serverless API.


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