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What are we talking about

Artificial Intelligence has experienced a real boom in the interests of companies. With the advent of modern deep learning, we have gained a real insight into Ai-driven technologies in practice: from the creation of medical diagnoses, the identification of criminals in crowds to autonomous driving.


Main focuses

Innovative technologies open up new potential for Artificial Intelligence. Edge computing tools that reduce latency and other AI-specific hardware will create a variety of new products and services for Mobile Computing, IoT and Human Machine Interfaces and improve data protection, security and performance of autonomous system.

Core technologies

Virtual reality shopping is giving consumers the convenience of online shopping and the experience of being in a store at the same time – in order to experience stores, products and service in a whole new way. With the help of VR or AR applications customers will be able to try and test products – at home or in-store – more easily, and in a more personalized or gamified manner.

AI-driven Analytics

We are in a phase of digital transformation in which data not only accelerates decision-making processes, but also forms the basis for future decisions with the help of predictive analytics. Companies across multiple industries are using AI-as-a-Service solutions from both established vendors and start-ups and increasingly purchasing "out-of-the-box" AI-based enterprise tools to obtain Amazon-like personalization, Google-like search mechanisms, and IBM Watson-like predictive capabilities.

AI-infused Interfaces

Human-machine interfaces are on their way to becoming more and more natural and to replace smartphones or tablets. Tech giants in particular, but also newcomers are competing to be the developers of the "next platform". They use AI to increase the intuitiveness and intelligence of existing and new interfaces. Conversational user interfaces – especially voice-activated solutions – have experienced a massive increase in media attention and consumer acceptance in recent years, due to improved processing and understanding of natural language.

Intelligent Automation

Artificial Intelligence is well on the way to automating cognitive tasks in addition to repetitive manual tasks. Today, autonomous systems are not only used in factories, but more and more on our roads, in the air, on the water and in offices. Today, advanced AI-based systems are driving preventive plant maintenance and the optimization and automation of supply chain operations. And increasingly sophisticated and diverse robotic process automation tools are helping to automate everyday rule-based business processes, allowing companies to spend more time on higher-value work.

Business opportunities

Training data is the lifeblood of machine learning - the more, better and more unique the data basis is, the more intelligent a system will be. If a business model is to be derived from this, it should be used to promote customer loyalty. Create feedback loops to continuously improve your products and services. However, there is further potential...

Prediction and prevention of outages

Predictive analytics will have a massive impact on the condition of machinery and equipment. By combining sensors, IoT platforms and AI-controlled analysis tools, companies will not only be able to monitor their equipment, but also predict failures and outages.

Emotional approaches for a better Customer Experience

Enhanced interfaces will increasingly close the gap in Artificial Intelligence between IQ-intensive interactions and EQ-driven experiences, allowing brands to engage with customers at a much deeper, personalised level.

Faster decision-making thanks to more data points

Thanks to breakthrough advances in computer vision, computers can recognise things faster and see differences that people can't see. Businesses can use these features to gain better insight into consumers or analyse vast amounts of visual data.

Process Automation: more time for value-creation

Chatbots for customer service, AI process automation, and AI-driven decision making reduce the effort required for more everyday cognitive tasks. This allows employees and organizations to focus more on higher-value tasks and work that requires more imagination or creativity.

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