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AI-fueled short movies: a Reply’s production

As Reply, we strive to be at the forefront of AI-powered content generation. Have a look at the best AI-driven short movies produced by Reply.

Constantly experimenting with Generative AI

With the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and Generative AI, Reply constantly dives into a world where the limits of creativity are expanded through the integration of AI-powered editing and generation techniques. At Reply, we continuously experiment to present the extraordinary capabilities of artificial intelligence in the realm of video production, whether it's through awe-inspiring visuals, mind-bending audio, or a seamless fusion of both.

Experience a new era of cinematic innovation at your fingertips as you explore the short films generated by Reply

And Still I Rise

“And Still I Rise” gives visual to Maya Angelou's iconic homonymous poem, in order to expand its meaning in a relevant and outstanding way, by also using the art of current black illustrators. Thanks to the generative AI (ChatGPT, Midjourney, Kaiber) the poetic stanzas come to life, empowering those who resist and make their voices heard, despite all the hatefulness.

Letter to Mankind

This short film breathes life into a letter addressed to humankind. The script and storytelling were generated using ChatGPT (GPT-3.5), while Midjourney served as the chosen tool to generate all the images showcased in the video. Furthermore, the soundtrack audio is AI-generated, employing Elevenlabs, an advanced AI text-to-speech tool.

Dancing with Butterflies

This fairytale story was realised with five artificial intelligence tools, resulting in an artistic video. Replicate and Deforum Stable Diffusion were used to generate striking animated images. Aiva was harnessed to craft a fitting soundtrack that complemented the visual elements. To achieve a realistic narration style, Elevenlabs played a pivotal role, while ChatGPT was instrumental in reviewing and correcting any grammar errors.

Poultry in Motion

In this short video even the title, "Poultry in Motion," is AI-generated through ChatGPT, which was also utilised for the monologue. For the graphic development of the main character, Midjourney, PIFu, and Mixamo were employed, while the combination of ChatGPT and Midjourney contributed to the creation of the scenography. For the soundtrack, Elevenlabs and Aiva were the chosen tools.

Tik-tok-ing with Saul

This TikTok production resulted in a video that emulates the profile of Saul Goodman, the main character from "Better Call Saul." This creation incorporates an array of seven AI tools. Editing and speech-to-text leverage Runway, avatar development utilizes Midjourney and D-ID, ChatGPT handles the script, LeiaPix Converter adds animation, and ElevenLabs and contribute to the voice elements.