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Creating remarkable customer experience by understanding customer intent

Katie Routledge, Manager, Retail Reply explains the most effective strategies for building a remarkable, digitally enabled customer care experience that enables retailers to maximise each customer interaction at The Retail Bulletin.

26.09.2022 - 28.09.2022 / Lisbon


Oracle Retail Industry Forum 2022

This year Retail Reply will attend ORIF22, the Oracle Retail Industry Forum, that will finally be in presence in Lisbon, from 26th to 28th September.




The AI Summit global series delivers the content and networking opportunities to ensure that the industry decision-makers are fully equipped to fulfil their AI road map, and to bring your company into the 4th Industrial Revolution. Reply, as an Industry Partner, will be presenting exciting live demos and giving you the opportunity to put our latest AI applications to the test during the two-day gathering!

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Retail Reply and Live Story, a new partnership announced for the 2022

Today, Live Story, the cloud solution to freehandedly design and publish online layouts without writing a single line of code and Retail Reply, the design and implementation of solutions specialist for Retail Market in the Reply Group, announced their partnership.

18.02.2022 / Technology Dispatch

Press Article

The Megatrends Impacting Supply Chain in 2022 and Beyond

With the rapid pace of technological advancement and ever-shifting consumer habits, a revolution in the supply chain is unavoidable from the ground up. Retail Reply, experts in digital transformation and customer experience, have identified the top forces that will shape supply chains this year and beyond.

03.02.2022 / UK TECH NEWS

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How to make a customer journey map work for every business

Steve Walden, CX Senior Consultant at Retail Reply, presents a few highlights from their "8 Stages of Effective Customer Journey Mapping" methodology, which ensures customers are left with a positive experience when accessing digital services.


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Retail Reply and Storm Reply Achieve AWS Retail Competency Status

Reply announced today that its companies Retail Reply and Storm Reply have achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Retail Competency status.

01.07.2021 / Omnichannel



Why DIGITAL CUBISM? Because, we intend to put 4 voices of upmost prestige and value, each in their own spheres of Brand, technology, System Integration and Innovation, around a table for a discussion.


Smart Store


How realize the Smart Store with AWS

Nowadays Retailers are into a digital transformation inside the physical store. They are looking for new processes in order to implement a Technology Revolution at the Instore experience level. Retail Reply, together with Amazon Web Services, is designing an end-to-end journey with several use case, from the customer engagement outside the store until the payment.



AWS Micro-services Architecture - The Omnichannel Enabler

Retailers’ investments today are digital driven and omnichannel focus, willing to reach out the best from any business opportunity. Retail Reply built a solution to address these needs. The approach used was driven by the goal to design a scalable and elastic platform in order to manage the pick and unpick of volumes in different time frames.

Digital Value Chain

Case Study

Legami and value chain innovation

Driven by digital innovation, consumers began asking for the physical store to take on a new meaning, a phenomenon that has necessitated a profound transformation on the part of retailers. Retail Reply proposed the best solution for Legami’s needs based on the Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Sale suite.

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Solution Architecture

Case Study

Together on a transformation journey since 2012

We have been the John Lewis Enterprise & Solution Architecture Partner since 2012. Developed and maintained a 5 year IT roadmap for John Lewis driven by their business strategy, inspired by their customer service ethos.

Retail Reply supported John Lewis to develop a new Enterprise Architecture process that was simple, pragmatic and supports the objectives of the business.

Case Study

Digital Transformation Starts at Home

Retail Reply supported a global furniture retailer's rapid transformation programme over a two year period helping them on their journey to become more agile, relevant and profitable.

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Case Study

Digital Innovation Starts from the Physical Store

To integrate some of the most advanced digital technologies into its in-store operating processes, the Prada Group has chosen to rely on Retail Reply’s vast experience and on the functionality offered by Oracle’s innovative Retail Suite.


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Capri Group

Case Study

Here and everywhere. Now or never.

The Capri Group, owner of the well-known fast fashion brands characterised by high growth potential - Alcott and Gutteridge - is taking on, with Retail Reply’s support, an innovative digital transformation process. This process puts Artificial Intelligence at the service of the Retail world and integrates the gradual nature of a scalable approach to the vision of a multi-channel oriented future.

Best Practice

Automated email agent for contact centres & helpdesks

Email or other text-based communication channels (such as ‘contact us’ form submissions) represent significant amount of the traffic passing into your customer service & helpdesk functions.

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Case Study

Me, Myself & We

Every keystroke we make leaves a footprint of a decision we have taken, or a preference we have expressed. Having the ability to interpret or mine this data and personalise it is crucial for successful businesses today. Without this ability, all this data is simply noise.

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Case Study

Brand new supplier portal for M&S Food

Logistics Reply has worked with M&S to create an online Supplier Portal for its food suppliers, which will allow all incoming supplier product to become instantly visible to M&S as soon as it is despatched from each supplier despatch location.

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Best Practice

Last sprint for GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018.
Are you getting close to compliance?

22.02.2018 / London


Automated Commerce: Friend or Foe?

Retail Reply is hosting a forum on Automated Commerce in London on 22 February 2018. The event highlights some of the most pressing questions with regard to automation in commerce and provides an extensive view on the topic with expert speakers from various sectors.

Sales Success

Best Practice

The three components of Sales Success

Competitive advantage and survivability in retail will depend on exceeding customer expectations, through gathering the right insights, intelligently applying automation and maximising the potential of your employees. Avvio Reply and Retail Reply support retail companies to leverage the opportunities offered by advanced technology to create compelling customer journeys while ensuring that the companies’ employees are integrated in the change process.

21.09.2017 / London


Automated Commerce Roundtable

Retail Reply hosts the Second 2017 Roundtable on the topic of Automated commerce, all the tools and technologies that are revolutionising the retail sector.