Operational Effectiveness

Striving to build an optimised operation within the organisation which prioritises strategic outcomes and value delivery. Considering individual elements and the overlap in People, Process & Technology in the design and execution to ensure that operational inefficiencies are identified, removed and improved.


Retail Reply’s team of technology and business professionals from across different disciplines bring together a wealth of knowledge and expertise to build an optimised operation which prioritises strategic outcomes and value delivery.

This is conducted by considering individual elements and the overlap in People, Process & Technology in the design and execution to ensure that operational inefficiencies are identified, removed and improved.


We see it as vital to work across roles within your organisation - both within technology and the wider business to ensure that there is clear understanding across teams and to stay close to delivery to ensure successful outcomes. We can provide guidance and support to many different roles within your organisation including:

  • Different levels of Architecture
    • Solution Architects
    • Enterprise Architects
    • Domain/Lead Architects
  • Analysts (Business, Technical, Data)
  • Product Owners/Business Leads
  • Change Managers
  • Delivery Leads
  • Training Teams

This services encompasses several focus areas

Operating Model Development

At Retail Reply, we understand that streamlining the different operating model components of an organisation to maximise value delivery is essential in reducing unnecessary costs, misplaced efforts, and disrupted value creation.

Our top priority is to align our services with our clients' strategic priorities, value streams, and existing capabilities. We achieve this by identifying any gaps and pain points in their people, processes, and technology. Our team then creates a comprehensive plan and business case that addresses these issues and sets the foundation for a successful transformation.

We go beyond just providing a plan - our team works closely with our clients to ensure successful adoption of the new operating model, implement new ways of working, and build an organizational culture that continuously evaluates and optimizes the operating model for future changes.

Tooling Selection & Implementation

Understanding which tools to implement within various areas of your operation can allow organisations to unlock new capabilities or enhance existing ones.

Retail Reply have experience in helping organisations from a variety of sectors to select and implement tools designed for a variety of purpose: Roadmap planning; Software delivery; OKR adoption; Data Visualisation & Analytics.

We’ve designed a comprehensive approach to cover tool assessment and selection, configuration, integration and implementation & training and handover. We can support with any of these stages separately or the end-to-end journey to get your teams quickly utilising the new capabilities.

Agile Architecture

The Agile Architecture service aims to provide structure, guidance, and training on how the Architects and Architecture function could become more agile.

Leveraging Retail Reply’s market leading expertise in delivering Architectures in both tradition and more flexible ways, for many years, as well as referencing Architecture Frameworks like standard structures like TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) where it is appropriate to do so, Agile Architecture is an important part of ensuring your organisation is Agile optimised.


Making sure work being carried out aligns to the project goals is one thing but how do you ensure that it aligns to the broader goals of your team, division or even your organisation?

Our team have experience working with business and technology teams across many different industries and sectors and can help your organisation get the reassurance they need that what is being designed and delivered is in line with what the wider businesses delivery expectations.

We can work with your organisation to agree the right framework to provide traceable outcomes, look at what work has been carried out in the past and provide recommendations and an action plan for creating a suitable structure within your team or organisation going forwards.

Retail Reply prides itself on taking a framework agnostic approach, to ensure that we aren’t trying to shoehorn your requirements into something that may not work. However, we make sure that any work carried out is aligned to common industry standard frameworks such as TOGAF, OKRs, etc so that there is a consistency across the organisation.

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