Optimising employee and customer experience by putting insights into the hands of contact centre team members at John Lewis & Partners.

The Challenge

John Lewis & Partners contact centre team requested the assistance of Retail Reply to develop a data pipeline that enabled key strategic performance reports, for varied levels of seniority (board members, senior managers, team leaders and operators) to be accessible at the start of each day.

A legacy set of reports were generated in a BI tool with inputs from a wide variety of data sources which often took hours to collate and prepare before they could be accessed by users.

Retail Reply were tasked with automating the data flow, developing a suite of strategic interactive reports and training the inhouse analytics team in the new BI solution, Tableau.


  • We implemented an end-to-end data pipeline using MuleSoft, Snowflake and Tableau Prep.
  • An original suite of 12 strategic reports were developed in Tableau applying the client’s brand as well as applying data visualisation best practices.
  • The data model allowed metrics to be analysed at varied levels of granulartiy so that board members, departmental managers and operators could view reports catered to their roles.
  • The reports were developed to include interactivity so users could apply filters and parameters to view different metrics depending on their requirements.
  • Training was provided to three senior analysts so they could maintain the original reports and develop further reports if required.

The Benefits

  • Faster Reviews: The solution enabled actionable insights to be viewed by the leadership team, senior managers and contact centre operators at the start of each day rather than waiting for multiple data feeds to be loaded which often took hours.
  • Improved Decision Making: Board reports were created for the leadership team to make strategic decisions, regional and departmental reports designed for senior managers to improve operational indices, and performance reports created for individual operators to track their own personal performance and identify areas of potential improvement.
  • Future Proofing: As Tableau was chosen as the enterprise solution, training and clear guidelines in that platform enable inhouse analysts to create new reports as and when new data attributes would be added to the data model.
  • KPI Tracking: It is now simpler and faster to track KPIs such as inbound and outbound call volumes, average speed to answer, customer satisfaction scores, average handling times as well as the value of transferring to non-voice channels.

"Collaborating with Retail Reply has been an excellent experience as they have been instrumental in supporting and developing our team's Tableau capabilities. Their understanding of the brief and support in creating an excellent series of dashboards have enabled our operation to make informed decisions in their day-to-day tasks. Their meticulous attention to detail and exceptional quality of work has allowed outstanding outcomes. We appreciate their support and eagerly anticipate ongoing collaboration."

Stewart O’Donnell – Partner, Data & MI Manager

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