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The retail industry has undergone major disruptions in recent years, with the pandemic accelerating the shift to ecommerce and forcing retailers to experiment with new digital services. This digital shift has resulted in a drive to improve the customer service experience in a bid to unlock revenue opportunities, improve efficiency and increase customer loyalty.

As the industry emerges from the pandemic, retailers are faced with new pressures from growing inflation, economic uncertainty, and unpredictable changes to consumer behaviour. In this challenging environment, making the most of each customer interaction is crucial for maintaining competitive advantage.


The pathway to providing a remarkable Digital Customer Experience in the Retail world has been a challenging one, with a few quick reasons highlighted:

  • Inconsistent Omni Channel Experience
  • Lack of self-service powered by automation and AI
  • Limited analytics capability resulting in lack of actionable reporting and insights
  • Manual, complex, and inefficient processes further impacting productivity

At Retail Reply, we have the experience and expertise to address these challenges and enhance your customer experience operations to maintain your competitive advantage.

Customer Intent Harmonization

Customer Intents are classified as a standardised versions of customer contact reasons for engaging with the business. This helps create a consistent understanding of the reason why customers seek assistance and helps analyse them across channels and geographies. At Retail Reply, we use these key steps to help our clients achieve Customer Intents Harmonization:

  • Customer Journey Design & Mapping
  • Gathering Customer Interactions across differents Customer Touchpoints
  • Using Retail Reply Customer Intent framework to map interactions to journeys
  • Measuring similar intents across Channels
  • Value Analysis & Intent Steering

    The next step after Customer Intent Harmonization is the Value Analysis & Intent Steering. In this step, Retail Reply segments Customer Intents into 4 key categories, using the Value Irritant (VI) Model. This model emphasises on the strategy to achieve optimal value for both cutomers and business. The model helps classify Customer intents into:

  • Simplify (Minimal changes to Customer Journeys and Maximum Value to Business)
  • Eliminate (Intents that do not add Value to both Business & Customers)
  • Digitise (Maximum Value to Customers to self-serve and Minimum impact on Business)
  • Leverage (Channelising high-value journeys to expert human channel, providing maximum value to both customer & business)
  • Visualisation and Actionable Insights

    A resultant of intent harmonization intent analysis and steering, is segmented data which needs to be measured for potential impact to business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Retail Reply partners with clients to achieve actionable insights using the following 4 steps:

  • Identify priority intents with high-volumes
  • Assessing the itents performance across differennts channels
  • Defining the best customer contact channel to steer the intent
  • Build opportunities based on intents performance to improve Business KPIs

  • Opportunity Roadmap

    Upon the successful completion of the first 3 steps, businesses can focus on a mix of intent-based opportunities driven by the insights framework to prioritise investments for short-term quick wins and longer-term initiatives to lay the foundations for the future of Customer Experience. Retail reply helps deliver this in an agile manner through the following approach:

  • Defining the Future State Target Operating Model
  • Designing State of the Art Solution
  • Supporting on RFIs and RFPs for implementation of relevant technology
  • Partnering with clients to provide post-implementation support