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Customers expect to be able to buy products with instant availability at reasonable prices. Growing competition, changes in legislation as well as technology will require an organisation to re-evaluate their supply chain strategies in both local and global operations. Retailers have to manage their supply against this demand while staying profitable.

An organisation’s supply chain is the invisible backbone that is critical to its operation & sustainability. With events like the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic crisis and the global commitment to tackle climate change, organisations are recognising that Supply Chain optimisation is critical for their survival. Transforming supply chain networks and systems will impact many domains within the organisation, requiring a strategic direction and a holistic approach.


Trends that we see defining the supply chain industry and are challenging our clients are:

  • Drive for Sustainability
  • Changing Consumer Behaviour
  • Digitisation & Automation
  • Geopolitics & Policies

To address these challenges requires a change in strategy and change of direction for many of our clients. At Retail Reply, we have the experience and expertise to address these problems and optimise your supply chain operations to be flexible and scalable.


The Supply Chain Strategy for an organisation should fit closely alongside the business goals of the organisation. This key capability, in the supply chain domain, determines the best way in which operations across entire supply chain networks should be carried out.

Retail Reply supports a diverse range of clients, enabling:

  • Definition of architecture & supply chain strategies
  • Roadmaps for change & delivery
  • Integration with sourcing & procurement strategies

Strategy helps to define how Planning, Execution, and Fulfilment capabilities should be delivered. As every organisation's strategy is unique, Retail Reply will bring industry best practice with adaptability to respond to your individual requirements.


Planning is responsible for implementing the sourcing and procurement strategies of an organisation. Part of this capability is supplier management and assortment forecasting. A successful supply chain achieves optimal delivery of goods from supplier to the customer using forecasting and planning capabilities.

Retail Reply delivers process excellence through technology enablement, including implementing industry leading applications that support these capabilities, such as Oracle Retail, SAP or Blue Yonder.


Supply Chain execution includes all end-to-end operations, from supply through to retail locations and customers. This encompasses, among others, transport planning, replenishment, inventory management, distribution and all logistics operations.

Retail Reply is an expert in delivering execution process excellence through technology enablement, including:

  • Warehouse, Yard, Transport and Order management
  • End-to-end Supply Chain Visibility
  • Control systems and processes
  • Fulfilment

    Fulfilment capabilities are responsible for getting goods and services to the customer in a way that meets their expectations and in a cost effective manner.

    Retail Reply has helped our clients to deliver innovative omni-channel solutions facilitating optimised fulfilment including Drop Ship (supplier direct to customer), integrating customer fulfilment centres, ship from store, click and collect or fulfilment through third party operations.

    Fulfilment operations are also responsible for reverse logistics, effectively managing and mitigating the cost of returns. Retail Reply has extensive experience working with major UK retailers optimising all fulfilment operations.

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      Online Order Fulfilment

      Retail Reply was engaged to align the internal architectures cross group of Sainsbury’s Argos architecture, specifically in relation to Last Mile Delivery and Planning, so that they can move towards a technology stack.


    • General Merchandise Operations

      Retail Reply have supported John Lewis and Waitrose on a programme of work to integrate process and system for general merchandise procurement operations.


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      Warehouse Management Implementation

      Retail Reply had a strong engagement with Pepco, helping shape its architecture and strategy and deliver major transformations.