29.04.2024 - 01.05.2024 / San Diego


Tableau Conference 2024

This year Retail Reply will attend the Tableau Conference in San Diego, from the 29th of April to the 1st of May.

Customer Journey Mapping

White Paper

The 8 Stages of Effective Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping enables you to understand all interactions a customer may have with your organisation. Discover our 8 stages to effectively map your customer journeys and bring your CX management to success.

Order Management Solutions

White Paper

The Future of Order Management Solutions (OMS)

One may be wondering about improving order management capabilities. This white paper looks at the options for retailers and other organisations to implement solutions for the first time, or, improve and replace their existing systems.



Operating Model Pain Points

Through our experience working in the technology sector across multiple industries, we can assuredly say a common opportunity exists in organisations from large to small. Failure to address it can cause the undiagnosed issues to fester away in teams, domains, companies, building up frustration over time.

Customer Care

White Paper

Transforming Customer Care

Over the last decade, two trends have been playing out that are largely transforming the way consumer businesses are operating customer care. Discover how Retail Reply can support you in this transformation.



Is Your Organisation Data-Ready?

The Artificial Intelligence genie is well and truly out of the bottle. The promise is a human-like response to all our questions, drawing on an exhaustive search through all the published data available across the internet, or within your organisation.

02.05.2023 / Customer Experience


The Inside Voice

Today, the business landscape is governed by customer insights generated externally. But how can organisations truly listen to their customers in a more cost-effective and comprehensive way?


White Paper


This article covers an overview of the changes so that organisations can prepare for compliance with the new requirements in the latest version of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


Press Article

Creating remarkable customer experience by understanding customer intent

Katie Routledge, Manager, Retail Reply explains the most effective strategies for building a remarkable, digitally enabled customer care experience that enables retailers to maximise each customer interaction at The Retail Bulletin.

26.09.2022 - 28.09.2022 / Lisbon


Oracle Retail Industry Forum 2022

This year Retail Reply will attend ORIF22, the Oracle Retail Industry Forum, that will finally be in presence in Lisbon, from 26th to 28th September.




The AI Summit global series delivers the content and networking opportunities to ensure that the industry decision-makers are fully equipped to fulfil their AI road map, and to bring your company into the 4th Industrial Revolution. Reply, as an Industry Partner, will be presenting exciting live demos and giving you the opportunity to put our latest AI applications to the test during the two-day gathering!

 THE AI SUMMIT 2022  0


News & Communication

Retail Reply and Live Story, a new partnership announced for the 2022

Today, Live Story, the cloud solution to freehandedly design and publish online layouts without writing a single line of code and Retail Reply, the design and implementation of solutions specialist for Retail Market in the Reply Group, announced their partnership.

03.02.2022 / UK TECH NEWS

Press Article

How to make a customer journey map work for every business

Steve Walden, CX Senior Consultant at Retail Reply, presents a few highlights from their "8 Stages of Effective Customer Journey Mapping" methodology, which ensures customers are left with a positive experience when accessing digital services.


News & Communication

Retail Reply and Storm Reply Achieve AWS Retail Competency Status

Reply announced today that its companies Retail Reply and Storm Reply have achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Retail Competency status.

22.02.2018 / London


Automated Commerce: Friend or Foe?

Retail Reply is hosting a forum on Automated Commerce in London on 22 February 2018. The event highlights some of the most pressing questions with regard to automation in commerce and provides an extensive view on the topic with expert speakers from various sectors.

21.09.2017 / London


Automated Commerce Roundtable

Retail Reply hosts the Second 2017 Roundtable on the topic of Automated commerce, all the tools and technologies that are revolutionising the retail sector.

28.07.2016 / MyCustomer

Press Article

Omnichannel and the evolving role of bricks-and-mortar

What role does the bricks-and-mortar shop still play, in a retail sector seemingly enslaved to expectant, impatient consumers who can buy any product online and have it delivered to their doorstep within a couple of days? Jason Stanard, Partner at Retail Reply, explains that the overwhelming majority of shopping experiences include at least one digital element – the phone. Even if a retailer doesn’t have a digital screen in-store, it’s still par​t of an omnichannel shopping experience​.​

18.07.2016 / Trust and Retail

News & Communication

Reply's research shows that trust can be built by end-to-end Customer Experience excellence

What role does trust play in the relationship between consumers and retailers? And how has this been affected by digital transformation? Reply, which specialises in the design and implementations of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media, has conducted a research to understand the impact of trust on brand loyalty in this digital age.

27.04.2016 / A1 Retail

Press Article

The future of Retail

How will retail evolve over 2016? Jason Stanard, Partner at Retail Reply​, speaks about the future of Retail. To engage customers, it’s critical for retailers to think first about the conversation​, not the channels. Customers expect to recognise them and their history regardless of the touchpoint used.

04.04.2016 / Information Age

Press Article

A Retailer's guide to Cyber security

Retail is in the top five most frequently targeted industries when it comes to cyber-attacks. Daren Ward, Partner at Retail Reply, examines top information security threats faced by the retail sector and the trends resulting from them.​

19.01.2016 / Digital Marketing Magazine

Press Article

How Total Data Can Overcome Retail Challenges

With the recent growth of Big Data, it is vital for retailers to consider their ‘total data’ and understand the touchpoints, not only the collection of data but also how and where intelligence needs to be delivered in order to solve critical business problems. Daren Ward, Partner at Retail Reply​, discusses how recognising the feedback loops and creating a capability-based plan are the keys to maximising the benefits of Big Data.