Case Study

Pringles "Pop To The Top" campaign

Pringles launched "Pop to the Top," a campaign featuring the first-ever Pringles Island in Fortnite. Xister Reply invited four top Italian Fortnite gamers to stream the Pringles map on Twitch, tackling unexpected challenges. The campaign peaked with a live event at Reply K1 in Milan, where one gamer navigated quests across four floors of the building, mirroring the island's levels. The event concluded with a meet-and-greet for the gamer's followers.

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Top gamers + live + Pringles challenge = the perfect mix of fun, gaming & taste.



The (gaming) fab four

We ideated an innovative live format on Twitch featuring four of the top Italian Fortnite gamers. Each of them streamed on Twitch a gameplay session on the Pringles Fortnite Island. They were also asked in real time by the community to perfom quirky challenges, as unexpected as the iconic pop of the Pringles tube.



The final level: the IRL event

In the end, the last talent gave an extraordinary performance in real life in the Reply K1 skyscraper in Milan. Four floors of the building were indeed themed after a Pringles flavor, replicating the only up Fortnite map. The livestream was made using Logitech products. The event ended with a meet&greet with the gamer' followers.


Unexpected fun, unexpected challenges

The First Pringles Island on Fortnite becomes the stage for a series of live events on Twitch, offering a perfect mix of fun, gaming and taste.

The great affinity between Pringles and the world of gaming goes up a notch once again, thanks to the perfect combo: "Pop To The Top", the first Pringles Island on Fortnite, one of the most loved and played video games in the world, meets 4 of the best Italian streamers and gamers around who, in four gripping live events on Twitch, interacted with the map in a very special and engaging way for their community.


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