Bitmama Reply vence o prêmio de design Nielsen & Norman com @work 2022

Webuild’s new employee experience is now located in a single digital space: @work. This unified environment connects and shares the experience and values of 80,000 people worldwide.

The @work intranet system developed by Bitmama, the Reply Group’s creative agency, has won the prestigious Nielsen & Norman design award and will be listed as one of the top ten best intranets in the Intranet Design Annual report 2022.

@work is now part of daily life for Webuild’s team members, who undertake major works and complex infrastructure projects in the fields of sustainable mobility, hydroelectric energy, water, green buildings, and tunnelling around the world.
Whether they are based in the company’s HQ, in its country offices or on construction sites worldwide, the company’s employees, drawn from more than 100 different nationalities, have to co-operate on bridges, dams, motorways and tunnels while sharing a corporate culture, values, best practices, news, insights, tools and initiatives.

For this reason, Webuild required a single space for information and training with a particular focus on its people’s requirements. The tools, content, tutorials, and features involved were designed by Bitmama Reply with some specific requirements in mind. These included a welcome page for new starters, communication toolkits, business policies, and a range of new digital tools aimed at helping every employee to express their talent.
Podcasts, videos and interviews give voice to the stories and experiences of colleagues, who can now share the knowledge they have acquired in both key roles and more operational positions.

The Bitmama Reply team designed the entire content strategy not only for the purpose of structuring the content available on the intranet, but also in terms of design and all aspects related to production.
The content strategy followed an SDG-oriented approach, including thematic areas such as safety, innovation, diversity and inclusion, gender equality and the environment. 
The user experience is based on integrating informational content designed to maintain users’ interest – such as news, articles, and webinars – with more engaging content, such as quizzes, competitions, and content produced on site, which aim to involve and inspire users.

Bitmama Reply designed @work as a digital environment that would play a key role in addressing the new Covid-related working conditions and enabling people to stay informed and aware at all times, work safely, and request specific psychological support where necessary.
@work also supports people with regard to smart working practices by means of communication campaigns focused on the appropriate ‘netiquette’ and on gradually returning to their offices, as with the ‘WelcHome’ campaign. With this, QR codes are included on communication materials, allowing people to directly access an area of the platform on which they can find all relevant content for their return to the office and facilitating ever-deeper integration between physical and digital workspaces.

As Nicola Gotti, Chief Creative Officer and Partner at Bitmama Reply, explains, “We are proud to have worked with Webuild. With our creativity and expertise, we have supported aproject built around the experiences and needs of people in a worldwide group”.


Bitmama Reply
UX Researcher: Angelica Deputato
UX Designer: Lucia Granziol
UI Designer: Natalia Popkova
UI Designer: Giorgio Stefanoni
UI Designer: Leonardo Pozzi
Lead UI Designer: André Milandri Bussetti
Senior Copywriter: Simona Pallai
Strategist: Julie Carpinelli
Account & Project Manager: Federica Muscinelli
Project Manager: Valentina Castoldi
Project Manager: Nicole Fiorile
Creative Director: Gianandrea Manni
Business Unit Manager: Barbara Mainieri
Chief Creative Officer & Partner: Nicola Gotti
Managing Director & Partner: Silvia Ceresa

Internal Communication: Tania Di Francesco
Internal Communication Manager: Benedetta Barbieri
Head of Corporate & Internal Communication: Emanuela Angori
Corporate Identity & Communication Director: Luigi Vianello

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