Quantum Business Europe 2022

Digital Event | 23 - 24 March 2022

Reply at Quantum Business Europe

Reply takes part in the Quantum Business Europe digital event as a Platinum Sponsor.

The event offers the chance to learn about the state of the art of quantum technologies, to assess their potential and explore best practices and methods that can be adopted in the near future.

Sign up for the event, and do not miss your chance to meet Reply at its virtual stand to discover the potential of Quantum Computers and Quantum Algorithms and how they can help solve previously unsolvable problems!

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“Quantum Computing in your business today: a roadmap to early value”
March 23rd at 12:20 pm CET

How can you successfully employ Quantum Computing in your business today despite the technological challenges quantum hardware is still facing? Where can you expect immediate advantages and returns on investments? And where should you invest today to be ready when Quantum Computing brings disruptive changes in the business? In this keynote, Reply will address these fundamental questions, which constitute the core of an ambitious yet reliable Quantum Business Strategy for any organization interested in leading the change that Quantum Computing is bringing into computation and technology. From Quantum-inspired solutions and MegaQUBO for combinatorial optimization to Hybrid computational approaches in Quantum Machine Learning and Quantum Security, join us to learn how to bring Quantum Computing projects in production best today.

Reply's Workshops

“How to reap the benefits of quantum optimization today”

March 23rd at 11:00 am CET

Quantum-inspired algorithms take advantage of quantum physics to solve complex optimization models. In this talk, a brief introduction to quantum-inspired optimization will be given, followed by some use cases applied to multiple fields such as finance, logistics, and telco. Furthermore, Reply will present how big optimization problems can be solved using MegaQUBO, allowing the use of quantum-inspired algorithms to solve real-life problems.

“Quantum Computing for Finance: it's already a world of possibilities” 

March 23rd at 2:30 pm CET

In this presentation, we will illustrate how Quantum Computing can tackle different challenges faced by the Finance Industry today and in the near term. Reply will describe Quantum Computing approaches and solutions bringing business value to problems where classical methods show limitations. In particular, we will cover - among others - applications to Portfolio & Investment management, Market and Credit Risk management, Trading, and Cybersecurity.

“Quantum safe future – Why should we care? What can we do?”

March 24th at 10:30 am CET

Quantum technology has seen rapid progress over the last few years. IT Security is impacted, and new challenges are upcoming once quantum computers advance. Risks such as retroactive attacks are often underestimated. In this talk, we will give an overview of the current and upcoming risks and impact of quantum computer on IT security, focusing on cryptography. Reply will assess actions that should be taken today, remediation plans, and quantum security hardware to build a quantum-safe future.

“Near-term enhancements of machine learning with quantum computing: hybrid neural networks”

March 24th at 2:00 pm CET

Quantum computing promises to enhance machine learning solutions in multiple ways. On the one hand, quantum hardware can be used as an accelerator for training; on the other hand, encoding data on a quantum system allows for new representations, leading to better quality models. The latter approach, in particular, can already be explored with today’s quantum computing resources. For example, in this workshop, Reply will explain how established neural network architectures can be extended to include quantum components and the advantages this hybrid approach brings. We will also show some feasible applications on currently available quantum devices and discuss what the future of hybrid neural networks holds.

Quantum & Accelerated Computing