Case Study

Sales optimization in small and medium-sized cooperative banks

Thanks to the support of Fincon Reply, Volksbank Rheinböllen is now benefiting from a new sales concept. By implementing this in the core banking system, with which banks manage all their activities, the experts have created a blueprint for numerous financial institutions.

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The goal

Increasing competitiveness through efficiency and economic success in sales with future-proof structures that can be seamlessly integrated.

The scenario

Promoting sustainable growth

Volksbank Rheinböllen eG is a regional cooperative bank in Germany with total assets of around 220 million euros. In order to secure its competitiveness, it commissioned Fincon Reply to develop new sales structures for the private customer business as a basis for sustainable growth.

These were to be based on the existing solutions of the Cooperative Financial Group ("Genossenschaftliche Finanzgruppe", GFG) and implemented directly in the core banking system agree21, with which the bank already manages all it’s activities and which is also widely used in the sector. This should ensure that the concept is compatible with future solutions in the industry.


The solution

A holistic sales concept

Fincon Reply first analysed the existing sales structures and identified strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, the experts developed a standardised yet customised, multidimensional customer segmentation that serves as the basis for the new sales concept. Thanks to their comprehensive know-how in the field of IT systems for banks, they were able to implement this directly in the core banking system agree21. The new sales concept includes:


Market development with focus

For the new core target groups in private customer sales, the experts worked with Volksbank Rheinböllen to define aligned goals, processes, product worlds and an allocation and transfer set of rules. The result: a new market processing concept for which the experts directly created the prerequisites in agree21.


Efficient sales management

In cooperation with Volksbank Rheinböllen, Fincon Reply defined new quantitative and qualitative targets and uses them as the basis for concrete guidelines for sales management in the core banking system. In particular, the uniform use of the CRM system and the sales files will play a central role in the realignment of the management processes in the future.


Advisory process with established standard

In order to create a uniform advisory experience that offers the customer added value, the experts defined a standardized procedure in agree21 that is aligned with the target groups. Among other things, this includes a fundamental focus on cooperative advisory services.

The result

Sustainably anchored and a role model for other small and medium-sized cooperative banks

Within seven months, Volksbank Rheinböllen has succeeded in setting the course for a realignment of sales in the private customer business in the organisation and in the core banking system agree21. On-the-job training and a train-the-trainer approach made it possible to test the new working methods in the workforce and anchor them in the long term. With the successful implementation, the experts at Fincon Reply have created a blueprint for other banks that focuses on existing standards from the cooperative financial group. Thanks to this, they will be able to implement new sales concepts even more efficiently in the future.

Fincon Reply was not only able to support us in the right situations with its professional and technical expertise, it also knew how to take into account the special features of a cooperative bank in all areas.

Uwe Gesser

Head of Controlling and Project Manager
at Volksbank Rheinböllen eG


Traditionally committed to the people and SMEs in the region, Volksbank Rheinböllen eG can look back on over 150 years of tradition. Currently, 45 employees in 2 branches provide around 7,000 private and corporate customers with liquidity and financial services. As a cooperative institution, the bank has around 2,000 members. This means that every third customer is also a shareholder of the bank.


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