Case Study

Local data centers for global management of customer data

To comply with data protection regulations worldwide, a major automobile manufacturer relies on the physical and logical separation of its customer data in the AWS cloud - and the support of Riverland Reply.

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The project at a glance

Process customer data from all over the world in one cloud? Special measures to secure data residence and sovereignty allow a major automobile manufacturer to do this in a legally compliant manner.

The scenario

One portal - many data protection rules

Our client is one of the leading premium manufacturer of automobiles. It sells it's products and related services worldwide - and online as well. Whether in Europe, China, or North America, anyone who decides to purchase or use a service on the website must register or log in to the central customer portal. The data generated by sales in local stores is also collected there.

Around the world, however, very different rules apply to the use and storage of the personal data that is collected in this process. To meet all regulatory and legal requirements, the automobile manufacturer has been relying on a solution from the CRM experts from Riverland Reply. The data generated by sales in local stores is also collected there.


The solution

Special security mechanisms in the cloud

The car manufacturer's central platform for customer data enables a holistic view across markets, brands, business units, departments, and touchpoints. Thanks to its special architecture in the AWS cloud, the system is available worldwide and can simultaneously meet the respective data protection requirements of different nations. The following features distinguish Riverland Reply's solution:

Physical separation by AWS regions

Territorial borders and data residency play a special role in the protection of personal data. For example, data collected in the EU may not be stored or processed outside the Union's borders without further action. Otherwise, they would automatically be subject to the data protection laws of the respective country. That is why Riverland Reply's experts have assigned customer data to different AWS regions. In this way, they can ensure that it is stored directly in Frankfurt, Ashburn (Virginia), or Beijing, for example, in local data centers, and handled following the nationally or regionally applicable data protection laws.

Logical separation in addition

This means that the various data can be processed and encrypted independently of each other and access to it can be reliably restricted. In this way, the automobile manufacturer can be sure that within the individual region, only those people who are actually authorized have access to the data. The logical separation also provides protection in the event of cyberattacks. All in all, a clear plus in terms of sovereignty and data and legal security.

Secure integration thanks to the gateway

To reliably connect the different data sources and securely integrate the customer portal on different landing pages, the experts at Riverland Reply implemented different gateways. In North America and the EMEA region, Apigee from Google is used for this purpose. Axway, on the other hand, is used for the Asian region.

The benefits

Processing personal data worldwide in a legally secure manner

The architecture of the central platform for customer data enables car manufacturer to meet different data protection laws at the same time, such as the China Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA), or the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As Riverland Reply maintains the system on an ongoing basis in collaboration with the car manufacturer, the specialists can always react to new requirements and adapt the plattform accordingly.

This enables the car manufacturer to provide a uniform portal for its customers worldwide in a legally compliant manner.
This currently makes it possible (as of 2023) to store 150.000.000 data sets worldwide and to process 30.000.000 system requests every day.


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