Case Study

Integrated purchasing processes and greater control of spending with Healthy Reply

The new spending control system through Oracle ERP Cloud successfully applied to the reality of the Milan Polyclinic.

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Improving healthcare purchasing management

Improving and speeding up internal and external purchasing processes, effectively tracking requests for goods between departments and business departments, are the reasons that lead a healthcare company to adopt the new procurement system created by Healthy Reply through Oracle ERP Self Service Procurement Cloud.

Among the hospitals that have implemented this solution there is also the Milan Polyclinic, the first public hospitalization and treatment institution (IRCCS) for the scientific research produced, and an international reference center for various diseases.

A necessary change

New management models for a resilient future

Often, Italian healthcare organizations find it difficult to manage business due to the fragmentation of some internal processes and the presence of various information systems that are poorly integrated with each other. In recent years, there has been a particular need to innovate the health system and define more robust management models: in particular, it has become essential to optimize the processes for the supply of goods and implement new models for controlling expenditure and resources.


a successful collaboration

Policlinico di Milano relies on Healthy Reply and Oracle ERP Cloud

The development of an articulated and complex solution requires skills in the ERP and healthcare fields. Hence the collaboration between the Milan Polyclinic and Healthy Reply, a company specialized in the implementation of the Oracle ERP Cloud suite for the healthcare sector, which led to the creation of an innovative solution based on Oracle Self Service Procurement Cloud.

Healthy Reply has supported the Polyclinic throughout the transformation process: from the design of a new operating model capable of harmonizing the purchasing processes between the different departments, to the implementation of Oracle ERP Self Service Procurement Cloud, up to its integration with the Polyclinic's Oracle ERP system for end-to-end management of procurement activities.


The revolution in the healthcare system


Optimizing purchases

It suggests the best items to buy based on complex rules and algorithms that take into account the user's preferences.


Efficient warehouse management

It guarantees a better rotation of warehouse products.


Traceability and cost analysis

It automatically charges consumption to the various cost centers for a correct management analysis of the costs, through fully computerized supply requests.


Real-time monitoring

It allows those responsible for supply expenditure to verify the trend of appropriations and to monitor in real time the expenses per Cost Center and for research projects. In this way, respect for the allocated budget and containment of expenditure are guaranteed.

Thanks to this collaboration, we have significantly optimized internal purchasing processes, further improving operational efficiency and execution times. A result that has allowed us to respond more precisely to the criteria of effectiveness and efficiency that are specific to the public body, and to better manage the process of analyzing and verifying the different spending budgets.

Fabrizio Pizzo
Director of Information Systems
Policlinico di Milano


The advantages of the cloud solution

Efficiency, flexibility and security for business purchases.

Efficiency and security in purchasing management

Access to all the advantages of a cloud solution (24-hour accessibility from any device connected to the Internet; flexibility given by the immediate scalability of services; minimization of the possibility of human error when entering purchase requests; no risk of data loss thanks to the historicization of information; speed of service; greater computational power than the classic systems used by companies).

Process harmonization and integrated control

Thanks to the adoption of a standardized approach, perfect synchrony is achieved in the performance of activities even between different departments. All this while ensuring full compliance with legal and tax obligations and offering effective analysis and management tools for controlling costs and the purchasing process.

Policlinico di Milano


The Milan Polyclinic is a general hospital with a strong interdisciplinary approach and various excellence in the treatment of diseases. It is recognized by the Ministry of Health as the First Public Institute for Scientific Production. It is a point of reference for pregnancies and the treatment of women's diseases, with its Obstetric-Gynecological Emergency Department among the most active in Lombardy. It houses the Northern Italy Transplant Program (NiTP), which coordinates transplants for a vast basin of more than 20 million citizens and has carried out more than 37 thousand organ transplants since 1972. The Polyclinic is known for its specialization in the treatment of rare diseases, following more than 330 diseases of adults and children. In addition, it is one of the main scientific reference centers in Europe, with the highest number of ERN awards.

Healthy Reply


Healthy Reply is the Reply group company specialized in innovative solutions for the healthcare sector. We offer high-quality personalized services, designed to ensure continuous care and social well-being. Experts in telemedicine and telemonitoring, we collaborate with interdisciplinary professionals from public and private healthcare institutions to provide tailor-made services and solutions.