Case Study

Enhancing Cloud Services of an Oil & Gas company

A program for a multinational Oil & Gas company, based on defining a new Cloud Operating Model, to improve key elements from the customer’s existing Cloud Platform.

the goal

To enhance an existing Cloud Platform by driving Cloud Adoption within the digital product developing teams.


The evolution of an existing Cloud Platform

An Oil & Gas multinational company started the adoption of cloud services by expanding its Cloud Native applications portfolio. This was achieved by taking advantage of several public cloud providers, which allowed the expansion of its current line of services. The customer’s goal was to improve its existing Cloud Platform with the introduction of a new Cloud Operating Model (COM), the development of a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), and by maximizing all related processes with MultiCloud Enterprise Products.


Driving a smooth Cloud Adoption

Given the large size and complexity of the company, the biggest challenge for Reply was achieving a smooth Cloud Adoption. Reply experts defined a Cloud Operating Model (COM) as a foundation for the Cloud Center of Excellence. This allowed the full definition of processes, main functions, and the interactions between internal and external functions with the key roles

Another serious challenge was driving change management. Reply ensured smooth implementation by introducing new competencies and conducting training activities across the whole development process.


A complete Cloud adoption program

Reply proposed a complete Cloud Adoption program based on three main pillars:

  • Cloud Operating Model
    Design and implementation of a Cloud Operating Model, including function and processes, based on Reply’s CAFFE methodology (Cloud Adoption Framework for Enterprise). Definition of the CCoE functions for Cloud Adoption Advisory, Platform Management and Cloud Management.

  • Cloud Platform Enhancement
    Enhancement of the existing Cloud Platform to accelerate the Multi-Cloud Adoption through Building Blocks, DevSecOps Platform, FinOps and Observability Platform.

  • Awareness & Change
    Roles and skills definition for the CCoE, and a communication plan for the new way of working to support the internal adoption of the new Cloud Operating Model.