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Simulation of consumer behavior with Generative AI and synthetic data

How to take the marketing of consumer goods to a new level with the help of synthetic data.

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AI-generated consumer data

The right product, at the right time, optimally presented and advertised: to achieve this, companies in the consumer goods industry rely on extensive consumer data for their marketing. Until now, obtaining this data has usually been a costly and time-consuming process. However, with the help of Generative AI, the experts at Reply now offer companies an advanced alternative: synthetic consumer data. This is artificially generated on the basis of real data samples.

Understanding customers more easily

Extensive simulations

Synthetic consumer data not only enables companies to obtain relevant information faster and more cost-effectively. It also serves as the basis for synthetic consumer profiles that allow extensive and realistic simulations of consumer behavior. In this way, manufacturers can better understand consumers without involving them directly. This makes the entire marketing process easier for companies.


Target group identification

The simulations make it possible to precisely segment target groups with the help of advanced algorithms and AI techniques. To do this, the experts at Reply analyze behavioral patterns to determine which customer groups are most likely to buy a certain product or which marketing approaches are most effective. This enables companies to target their customers more exactly and run personalized marketing campaigns.

Product development and testing

Companies can test their products virtually in different scenarios to find out how they are perceived by different customer segments. For example, acceptance and purchasing behavior can be simulated when introducing a new product. This makes it possible to make product improvements even before they are launched on the market.

Market forecasts

With the help of intelligent market forecasting algorithms, future market trends and developments can be predicted in the shortest possible time on the basis of the simulation results. These forecasts can help to make strategic decisions, for example with regard to production capacities, stock levels and marketing activities. This helps companies to strengthen their competitive position.

The advantages

Thanks to the support of the experts at Reply, consumer goods manufacturers benefit from:


Better understanding of consumers


Targeted management of marketing budgets


Tailor-made products and measures


Lower risks in product tests and marketing strategies


Early recognition of trends


Long-term competitiveness

With Reply to success

Would you like to take your marketing to a new level with synthetic data? Our experts are at your side with help and advice every step of the way. They ensure reliable data management, consider usability in all implemented solutions and constantly update the AI models and algorithms used to achieve optimal results.