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Tomorrow’s Tech Today

Exploring the frontiers of General AI

"AI Insights – Tomorrow’s Tech Today" is a podcast that explores the advanced frontiers of General AI.

Dive into focused dialogues and expert perspectives on AI agents, knowledge bases, and multimodality. This series offers a comprehensive look into how artificial intelligence is rapidly progressing and becoming increasingly relevant for everyday applications.

Tailored for AI enthusiasts and professionals, the engaging conversations and interviews provide deep insights into the transformative power of AI in shaping today's technological landscape.


Episode 1

Navigating the AI revolution: insights from the front lines

In this episode of "AI Insights – Tomorrow's Tech Today," we chat with Dr. Jim Dowling, CEO of Hopsworks and Associate Professor at KTH, about a range of topics that are shaping the future of AI. We delve into the future of AI itself, discuss the role of generative AI, and explore how businesses should adapt to these advancements. We also cover the importance of AI data management, the implications of the European AI Act, and the critical issue of AI data security.


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