Case Study

Record, report and reduce environmental impact

Learn how MAIRE collaborated with Cluster Reply, using Microsoft Sustainability Manager, to automate the collection, visualisation and processing of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Towards the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions

MAIRE, an engineering group that develops and implements innovative technologies to support the energy transition, aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 for its purpose 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions, and by 2050 for purpose 3 emissions tied to the supply chain. As early as 2016, the group started digitising production processes. In 2018 the group launched NextChem, the subsidiary dedicated to technological solutions for green chemistry and the circular economy.

MAIRE has chosen Cluster Reply as its technology partner to enhance the reporting of greenhouse gas emissions by using their information tools. This replaces the previous manual process to ensure higher levels of automation to meet new and stringent reporting standards.

The tool

A New Approach to Sustainability: Microsoft Sustainability Manager

Microsoft Sustainability Manager was chosen to collaborate on MAIRE's challenge. The tool is part of Microsoft's Power Platforms and efficiently collects and manages greenhouse gas emissions data. This customisable solution, powered by low-code tools, enables environmental data analysis and identifies areas in which the company can improve resource efficiency, reducing carbon emissions.


Simplify the collection of some environmental data

Adopting Microsoft Sustainability Manager allows MAIRE to collect, process and visualise data to measure its emissions from offices in a more systematic and structured way, thus reducing manual intervention and the possibility of human error. In addition, the tool allows you to move from static reporting to a dynamic continuous monitoring model.

An interface for each emission source

First, MAIRE and Cluster Reply defined the list of emission sources and configured Microsoft Sustainability Manager to integrate them while ensuring timely data updates.

Ad hoc extensions for hard to reach sources

The original solution's flexibility enabled ad hoc extensions, which makes it possible to collect data from sources that are difficult to access or unavailable in information systems.

Notifications of data entry and harmonisation

Thanks to a new data collection process that uses easy and intuitive dashboards, the users who are responsible for entering data will receive periodic notifications related to their areas of expertise. This information is then integrated into the platform and harmonised with data from other emission categories through automatic interfaces.


Environmental, social and governance advances

Thanks to the support of Cluster Reply, MAIRE is increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of collecting and analysing data related to greenhouse gas emissions. The analysis of the insights will guide the necessary corrective actions to achieve the set objective.


MAIRE S.p.A. is the head of an engineering group that develops and implements innovative technologies to support the energy transition. The Group offers sustainable technological solutions and integrated engineering and construction solutions for fertilizers, hydrogen, CO2 capture, fuels, chemicals and polymers. MAIRE creates value in 45 countries and has more than 7,000 employees, supported by more than 20,000 people involved in its projects around the world. MAIRE is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange (ticker “MAIRE”).
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