White Paper

Cybersecurity in the age of Quantum Supremacy

Quantum Computing: speed, security and reliability

In the fast-approaching age of Quantum Supremacy, computers will be able to solve problems that are insurmountable for today's mainstream technologies. The computational power of quantum computing allows an algotithm to be processed in just a few minutes for which the world’s most powerful supercomputer would need roughly the age of the Earth to solve. One of the sectors most affected by Quantum Disruption is cybersecurity, whose reliability largely depends on being built on unsolvable algorithms.

One such algorithm is the one used for RSA key cryptography. While factorising it is not an impossible calculation in theory, its complexity makes solution highly unlikely, meaning it is currently considered 100% secure. However, it is estimated that a 6000-qubit-quantum processor could factorise the RSA algorithm in just 2 weeks, while 20 million noisy cubits would see it solved in just 8 hours.

A new age for Cybersecurity

From cryptography to OTP authentication, bank transaction management, VPN connections, e-mail exchanges, gaming, online betting and all the way up to democratic voting systems. The “breath-taking” power of this technology will have a huge impact on both security and technology. However, it can be managed and improved, by adopting post-quantum solutions or by integrating the existing technology infrastructures with sufficiently robust, mature, and economically competitive solutions.

Quantum computing can bring significant benefits to the areas of security and communication encryption: hardware capable of hardening security networks using, in this case, photons and entanglement rather than the computing side of quantum mechanics has already been developed.

New technologies

A new era of information technology is on our doorstep, with new risks to be managed, as well as new opportunities to be seized and new solutions to be implemented.

Quantum Encryptors

Encryptors are network devices used in the field of communication that offer a solution similar to the cryptography process.

Quantum key distributors

Quantum key distributors operate as part of the key exchange mechanisms within servers. They can also immediately recognise Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks in network communications.

Quantum random number generators

Quantum random number generators can be used to reinforce authentication mechanisms in an economical way, and some chips can be easily integrated into network cards and other network devices.

Where Reply can make a difference

Quantum Cybersecurity is an emerging market and there are few specialist technology players capable of carrying out quantum-resilient data integration. Reply's added value comes from the quantum skills developed in recent years, and from our experiential approach and extensive experience in the fields of networking, security, and integration.

This establishes our position at the forefront of Quantum Supremacy and right by our clients' side. Preparing companies for Quantum Supremacy is Reply's goal, and for over two years we have had multidisciplinary teams exclusively dedicated to Quantum Computing (QC) working on projects developed alongside top international players.