Quantum Computing for Business Applications

Die Veranstaltung "Quantum Computing for Business Applications" bietet die Gelegenheit, interdisziplinär zu untersuchen, wie die jüngsten Fortschritte im Quantum Computing bereits in mehr als einem Geschäftsfeld konkrete Anwendung finden.

30 janvier 2020

Quantum Computing event

The solutions enabled by Quantum Computing are paving new opportunities for important business process improvements in more than one sector. Due to a reduction in processing time from years to hours / minutes, quantum computing solves problems that even the most advanced classic computers would not be able to answer. With a participation response beyond expectations, ten Reply speakers illustrated the potential of Quantum Computing and showcased some use cases in development.


Here below the best practices, use cases and solutions we presented during the event.

Quantum Computing: Reality or Mirage?

The introductory speeches present an overview of the milestones already reached by quantum technology in the high performance computing field and the main security-related impacts.

Quantum Computing and Process Optimization

Through concrete cases created by Reply and some of its clients, you will have the opportunity to discuss the use of Quantum Computing in the optimization of processes, from financial assets to logistics, workforce management and transport.

Areas with Quantum Computing potential?

The final session will give an overview of the potential disruption that Quantum Computing will have in areas such as Cyber Security, constrained optimization, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.