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New infrastructures to enable e-mobility

Power Reply supports charging point operators in the electrification of public and private sites 

Journey towards sustainable mobility

The drive to boost innovation and the latest government directives on the sustainable transformation of public transport services are, more than ever, prompting local administrations to turn to electric mobility operators to develop and integrate the local charging network. On top of this, local administrations will also need to ensure an adequate number of infrastructures in order to increase the number of electric vehicles on the road. 

To ensure the correct development of sustainable mobility, operators respond by implementing intervention plans, adapted to each local territory and technical implementation capacity of the charging sites. 

End-to-end support for the installation of charging sites

Thanks to a diverse set of technical and management skills, Power Reply is the ideal partner for charging point operators to assist in the planning and designing of charging and public utility infrastructures. Power Reply supports operators through the management of the entire charging infrastructure installation process; from the inspection phase to activation, as well as, coordinating communications between all public and private actors involved in the process. 

Drafting of local infrastructure plans

Understanding that a major development of electric mobility goes hand in hand with the availability of adequate charging services across the territory, Power Reply supports electric mobility operators in the development and implementation of intervention plans for the installation of charging networks for the public sector electric vehicles. 

The drafting of the plans entails defining the following terms:

- the magnitude of the intervention, both in economic terms, and in terms of the number of charging stations to be developed;

- the location of the interventions, in order to meet the charging demand, both current and expected in the medium and long term, taking into account the attractiveness of the city’s popular locations;

- the type of charging points to be made available (normal, fast or ultra-fast charging) in relation to the functionality of the specific site;

- the time scheduled for interventions, produced after priorities have been defined, together with balanced planning of expenditure.

Technical design of charging sites

Power Reply’s engineering team is able to provide end-to-end support to charging point operators at all stages of the technical design of a charging site. Our team supports operators to deal with:

- the identification of the optimal charging sites by performing technical inspections to define the suitability of each site;

-the planning of the preliminary and implementation phases, with the definition of the work details to be completed and the components to be installed;

-the management of all the construction procedures with local authorities, those in charge of the authorisation of interventions;

-the management of the project up until the final activation of the stations.

Power Reply is the Reply group company focused on the Energy & Utilities market. It combines a deep knowledge of the market and of business processes with a distinctive skill in the implementation and management of applications that support the "core"​ activities of their customers. Power Reply offers services of Business Consulting, IT Advisory and Digital Strategy supporting companies in the process of optimizing IT investments by providing solutions and services in line with the energy transition and decarbonization path.

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