Case Study

An intelligent code review service that takes context into account

Time-consuming code checks are now a thing of the past for the developers of a major German car manufacturer. This is made possible by an AI-based solution from Ki Reply, which not only checks the general quality of the code but also considers the company's specific conditions.

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The challenge

"Good" code is not always "good" code.

The scenario

Avoid media breaks & boost tailored solutions

Consistent, maintainable, scalable, efficient: the list of attributes that "good" code should fulfill is long and the specific requirements are constantly evolving. This is why many developers use tools that check the code for possible errors. Unfortunately, these only take stylistic aspects and technical rule violations into account. This means that the specific requirements of the company are often ignored. But what "good" code looks like always depends on the specific conditions. In addition, such code review tools are often not directly integrated into the development environment. This increases the time required, as developers have to manually transfer suggested adjustments.

To avoid this media break and to enable convenient and tailored reviews, a major German car manufacturer therefore commissioned Ki Reply to develop a specialized code review service.

The solution

Analyzing the context with the help of AI

Today, the car manufacturer benefits from an intelligent AI-supported code review service that is directly integrated into the Gitlab development environment. It also pays attention to the context when evaluating the code. To achieve this, it analyzes user stories, for example, considers possible quality and security problems and takes into account code adjustments that have already been made in the past. An incredibly large amount of data in the case of the car manufacturer, which conventional AI models cannot easily process due to their token limit. However, the solution from the experts at Ki Reply condenses the material with the help of various integration strategies. The information and quality thereby remain unchanged. Thanks to this approach, the service is able to suggest precisely tailored improvements for the code to be checked. It lists them in a standardized manner, thus facilitating traceability and collaboration within the development team. In addition, the code review service is also able to implement the proposed changes itself if required.


The concept behind it

Support along the entire development life cycle

The new code review service runs on AWS and uses the Large Language Model (LLM) from Azure OpenAI. At the heart of the solution are three special AI agents that perform the different code review steps completely automatically.

Their interaction is managed by a multi-agent system, the KICODE Reply framework from Ki Reply. This supports developers along the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). In this way, Ki Reply's experts ensure that the new agents not only master their task perfectly but also deliver future-ready results. At the same time, the code review service is compatible with other multi-agent systems and thus offers maximum flexibility.

The advantages

Fast and innovative

Ki Reply's new AI-supported Code Review Services enables the automotive manufacturer to:


Improve code quality


Recommendations tailored to the context


Orientation towards proven best practices


Early detection of problems


Better overview of changes


No media breaks during the code check


Higher productivity


Facilitated collaboration within the development team


Faster time-to-market


Relief of employees from repetitive tasks


More capacity for innovative projects

Ki Reply


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