Dreamforce Update

People from 103 countries gathered in San Francisco for Salesforce Dreamforce to hear the latest news from the CRM industry. Also present: Platinum Consulting Partner Arlanis Reply.

The Event

At Dreamforce, Salesforce's in-house exhibition, the company will present all innovations and updates to its products. By 2018, it had 170,000 registered attendees and 2,700 sessions. People from 103 countries came together in the Bay Area to hear the latest news from the CRM industry. Platinum Consulting Partner Arlanis Reply was also present.

Hard to imagine that the Dreamforce 2003 with only 1,000 participants in the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco began. Today towers a huge skyscraper called Salesforce Tower overlooking the entire Bay Area of San Francisco.

These are the news of Dreamforce 2018:

Einstein and AI

Especially impressed was the Salesforce Artificial Intelligence, called Einstein. One of the newly developed technologies is Einstein Voice. A smartphone can be given voice commands to use Einstein Voice to set up pure voice, meetings, request use cases from colleagues or even successfully conclude deals. The smartphone processes voice into text and the keywords are automatically transferred into the Salesforce CRM and suggestions for optimization and automated reporting are suggested.

The fact is that chatbots are particularly suitable for customer service and order processing. Einstein Bots are part of the Service Cloud, which means a Service Cloud license and a Live Agent license are required to use Salesforce's Chatbot Development Framework. In order to use chatbots, training data must be created for intents such as "I want to order a pizza now". Different ways and the possibility to return to a live agent have to be defined and created. Of course the Live Agent receives all information about the process; the chat as well as the customer data. Direct access to all data in the CRM system is possible, the usability is very easy. Flows can be integrated and there is a simple transfer to customer advisors. The data is also linked to Einstein Analytics.

The roadmap for the year 2019 includes the following features: Extension with e-mail, SMS and App interfaces. Additional languages will also be available. At the moment only English is offered, therefore an extension to further European languages like Spanish or French is planned.

Einstein Analytics

Einstein Analytics builds on the Salesforce platform, is supported by Einstein Discovery complements and enables rapid analysis and automated actions. Access to analyses from mobile devices is a matter of course.

Einstein Analytics makes it possible to retrieve a combination of data from different storage locations. The point-and-click interface is intuitive and visual. Findings can be stored, shared with others or discussed in chatters. If an app is to be created, for example to visualize the activities of the sales team, this can be done with just a few clicks. The first step is to select the template, then determine how the data is to be presented in Sales Analytics.

Customer Centricity

"Customer 360" is the name of the so-called Cross Cloud Technology, which ensures seamless experience across multiple clouds. Specifically, these are the marketing cloud, commerce cloud and the service cloud. Prefabricated packages for service, marketing and commerce simplify the cross-channel customer experience. If a customer has multiple identities in different clouds, they are consolidated into a single ID to name just a few of the functionalities.

Also the purchase of Mulesoft is still a big topic. Salesforce has invested a large sum to simplify data integration for its customers and strengthen Salesforce's innovation power. Reply has been a Mulesoft partner throughout Europe since 2016.

Arlanis Reply

Arlanis Reply supports its customers in these new challenges. For years Arlanis Reply has been working with an agile project approach in order to advance projects quickly and effectively in the interest of the customer. So Arlanis Reply does not stop with the classic CRM topics, but grows with the innovations of the Salesforce Cloud technologies.