Car manufacturer’s service agents automate their workflow

Salesforce Service Cloud

A company from the automotive industry prides itself on providing emergency roadside assistance services to its customers. In the event of a customer experiencing an accident or a vehicle breakdown, service agents are available 24/7 to provide roadside assistance through multiple partners to guarantee customers’ mobility.

In order to fulfill this promise for a mobility guarantee, Arlanis Reply has automated the call center processes to facilitate the entire procedure. In such an inconvenient situation where customers have to request a breakdown service, the car manufacturer needed a way to quickly access customer data and history. This allows the customer's needs and information to be quickly passed on to the many partner companies specializing in emergency help services.

Changing the Case Management

For this purpose, Arlanis Reply decided to migrate case management to Salesforce Service Cloud to store all data on one platform. A single platform where customer calls can be recorded and cases forwarded to the emergency service partner was crucial to the client. This eliminated a time loss when searching for customer data and passing the appropriate information onto partners. With Salesforce Service Cloud, Arlanis Reply implemented the ability to automate repetitive tasks for service staff by automatically generating a PDF that is filled with all relevant data.

To enable a multi-channel approach in contacting the emergency service partners, API integration was implemented for SMS, fax and email services.

The new Service Workflow

  1. 1. A customer calls the emergency call line after encountering a breakdown or accident
  2. 2. Service agent receives the call and records account information in order to retrieve customer data
  3. 3. Customer data gives the service agent a direct overview (if the customer has agreed to forward it in accordance with all GDPR regulations)
  4. 4.. Service agent can contact Emergency Service Partner directly on the platform with an automatically generated PDF with pertinent information - via Email, SMS or Fax
  5. 5. Emergency service partner responds immediately and either directly contacts the customer or relays the information to the service agent
  6. 6. Service Agent records latest updates as protocol (this information is stored separately from the customer overview for six months)
  7. 7. The case is submitted to the insurance company
  8. 8. A weekly report with all cases is produced

Agile teamwork

With the aim of adapting to all the company's requirements, Arlanis Reply and the customer team used the Chatter tool for communication and a better overview of all open cases. With an agile and transparent way of working, Arlanis Reply could stay organized and respond to the latest updates and questions on one platform. This enabled an efficient way of working to meet all customer needs.