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Health 4.0

In the Health 4.0 era, healthcare has quickly become a personalised, integrated and holistic pathway, including from a technological point of view. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT solutions, smart watches, multi-channel and remote assistance are just some of the paradigms from which service providers can start to build close relationships with patients: one focused on identifying and reducing risk factors based on a model of continuous prevention, while at the same time reducing time, costs and margins of error.

It is therefore necessary to reorganise the business models adopted by healthcare operators, towards interconnected and collaborative ecosystems designed to support optimised data management.

Optimisation and integration: the Salesforce model

Salesforce Health Cloud enables 360-degree patient management: from the onboarding phase, to the management of medical records and physical or online appointments, up to taking full advantage of aggregated data for predictive analysis, enabling integration with wearable medical devices and ensuring the efficiency of non-clinical processes. The solution offers an extensive and personalised experience, integrating with multiple health data management systems and ensuring compliance with all the latest interoperability (HL7 and FHIR), security and data privacy standards.

Improved patient experience:
• A 360-degree view of the patient
• Optimisation of in-person visits
• Smart use of data
• Multi-channel patient care

Effective response to customer needs:
• Customer centrality
• Customer relationship development
• Historicizing interactions
• Quick problem solving
• Operational efficiency through an integrated and automated environment

Optimisation of patient and customer engagement:
• Guided enrolment programmes and accelerated clinical trials
• Engagement of distributors and providers
• Creation of personalised healthcare programmes through Data Insights implemented with AI

Development of an interconnected customer lifecycle:
• Creation of interconnected experiences
• Optimisation of technology
• Acquisition of insights


Arlanis Reply supported CareApt, through the adoption of the Salesforce HealthCloud module, in the creation of a telenursing assistance service specialised in Parkinson's and integrating the solution into a collaborative medical platform. A solution capable of strengthening the relationship between caregiver, patient, nurse and specialist, thanks to a wealth of features, integrated within a fully digital process.

    Activation of the service by voice channel or e-mail

    Connection to the platform and communication of symptoms

    Instant update of the patient’s health data


    Display of the patient’s updated health status

    Identification of a first-level response to symptoms

    Organisation of a tele-visit or a request to book a physical visit

    Native collaboration features or through existing market tools (WhatsApp, Telegram)

    Request for feedback on the service provided


    Access to the patient’s medical history and updated health status

    Traceability and digital scalability of previous communications

    Ability to conduct tele-visits or physical visits


  • Optimal management of the ongoing Covid-19 health emergency, with a guarantee of the continuity and scalability of the service during the lockdown period
  • Simplified onboarding procedure that leads to a quick and reactive customer care response
  • 75% of the problems solved via remote assistance, without the need to involve specialists

  • Reduction of operating costs, thanks to centralised governance and reuse logics
  • Improvement of the full relationship with patients, both verbal and non-verbal, through the digitalisation of the care plan
  • Full scalability in terms of users and pathologies, and in-progress evolution to include voice assistant enablement and devices integration

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