Facility Management 2.0

With Facility Cloud, Arlanis Reply offers a solution for managing buildings and properties


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The digitalisation and interconnectivity of modern systems offers new possibilities for facility management. In facility management, buildings and properties are depicted and managed by creating a digital twin, a process that has long taken place in isolation from third-party systems. Facility Cloud combines the strengths of a full-fledged facility management CAD editor with those of Salesforce, the industry’s leading CRM platform.

Facility Cloud in use

Example: Water reported in a building and remedial action

In addition to allowing users to view and edit site maps in the CAD editor, the Salesforce ecosystem enables properties to be depicted accurately in a relational view, so that the properties can be administered and edited directly in Salesforce.

What’s more, Facility Cloud offers uncluttered interfaces that make it easy and straightforward for users to carry out complex FM processes by themselves. Facility Cloud is a consistent, cross-system solution in that external ERP systems can be linked and affected by FM processes.

Area management

Area management involves the management of room inventory. Facility Cloud determines and qualifies the rooms, as well as their type of usage (e.g., cleaning and renting), in the first step of this functionality. In addition, users can call up and visualise key performance-related figures, such as occupancy density and area exploitation. An area’s assignment to certain departments and cost centres, as well as certain conditions such as vacancy or over-occupancy, can also be visually depicted.

Inventory management

Facility Cloud deals with the management of physical inventory, such as furniture, PCs, security technology and additional technical systems pursuant to DIN 276. Individual inventory components can be assigned to workstations, which in turn belong to people, thereby creating the foundation for successful move management. In addition to depicting the inventory in the editor, Facility Cloud also represents the key performance figures for workstations, such as their occupancy. Additional functions include fire extinguisher maintenance and depicting which network devices are assigned to which network nodes.

Key management

Efficiently managing a large number of keys and locking systems can quickly become a problem at companies. Facility Cloud helps solve it by mapping (direct) key handovers and returns in the system and making it possible to manage cylinders. Furthermore, Facility Cloud is capable of depicting and displaying complex lock hierarchies. It also supports report generation to provide an overview of key authorities or current key holders.

Modular expansions

Whether cleaning management, move management, parking space management or other tasks, Facility Cloud supports companies in every aspect of facility management.

NEW WORK models can be implemented and monitored conveniently and easily on a daily basis with Facility Cloud.

Support is provided for innovative workplace concepts such as New Work Places, so that users can react flexibly to modern property situations. Moreover, key performance indicators for the user’s own properties can be compared with standardised properties and benchmarked. Facility Cloud allows predefined technical views to be created individually, so that every user gets exactly the information their role requires from Salesforce and the CAD editor. For example, the cleaning crew is especially interested in which rooms have which type of flooring.

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