Customer centricity in cloud


For its activities in Germany, Edenred, the company behind internationally renowned products like Ticket Restaurant®, sought to modernise its sales processes and optimise company-wide collaboration across all departments. Arlanis Reply is helping Edenred to redefine processes and implement a cloud-based CRM solution.

Edenred Germany’s customers include companies of all sizes and from every sector, from the owner-run company, the medium-sized company to the international industrial heavyweights.

Managing the relationships with these customers is a logistical challenge compounded by a situation where customer data was stored across various departments in isolated systems. Data reconciliation or company-wide updates were difficult to implement, requiring a considerable amount of time for each department. Reporting was therefore also correspondingly time consuming.

This was due to the structure of the CRM system used, where data silos were set up in which customers were entered multiple times and up-to-date, customer-related information was not available to every department that worked on the customer. This made coordinating measures difficult.

Edenred realised that this situation severely impacted the efficiency and productivity of its sales, customer service and marketing activities. In collaboration with Arlanis Reply, a modern, cloud-based solution was rolled out and important processes were redefined to make workflows faster and more transparent.


In the first step, Arlanis Reply supported Edenred by analysing existing CRM processes with the aid of all stakeholders, in order to gain a global overview of the requirements for the new system.

Applying an agile project approach, a cloud-based CRM system was set up for the Customer Care department based on, including its service cloud.

Arlanis Reply then gradually migrated all data from all existing systems to the new platform and merged the Salesforce CRM system with the ERP systems so that all systems are always up-to-date and are available to all users without multiple maintenance.

Further automation processes included:

  • Integration with web forms: Automatic transfer to the CRM and assignment of data from contact or order forms to a user or user group.
  • Automatic transfer of incoming emails to cases in the CRM and assignment to a user or user group.


Using the modern, cloud-based CRM platform, Edenred is now able to coordinate sales, customer care and marketing processes very efficiently across all departments. Data redundancy is a thing of the past and all customer-related information is available to the employees at a glance. This speeds up and simplifies operations. The collaboration across departments benefits from the CRM system as the central single source of truth: this enables the Marketing department or Partner Management, for example, to provide relevant information to customers, partners or interested parties and initiate activities, based on the information shared with Sales and Customer Services.

The Salesforce CRM system implemented by Arlanis Reply is therefore much more than just a customer database for Edenred; it contributes significantly to a more efficient and customer-centric organisation of the entire company:

  • Sales targets can now be managed in the CRM system and the status of the target achievement can be tracked at any time.
  • The entire sales management takes place via Salesforce as a central platform, where activities are coordinated and important e-mails are archived.

Following the positive experiences during the transformation of the sales processes, Edenred is now addressing the second pillar of its business model and, together with Arlanis Reply, will now also migrate the partner management processes to the new platform.

Edenred is Germany’s leading provider of vouchers and voucher cards for employees, customers and sales partners. The solutions allow personal recognition and targeted rewarding as well as sustainable retention of the respective target group.

In Germany, Edenred serves 13,500 customers and offers around 1million users of its vouchers and prepaid bonus cards a network of more than 54,000 acceptance points. Edenred is represented in 42 countries worldwide with approx. 750,000 customers in the private and public sectors.

Arlanis Reply is the Reply Groups’ specialist in consulting, planning, producing and integrating Salesforce solutions and services. Arlanis Reply supports and enables market leaders to transform their business models, processes and IT architecture in order to achieve competitive advantages and cost effectiveness. With its certified consultants and developers Arlanis Reply provides a seamlessly integrated solution for all customer related processes for sales, marketing and services – from the initial contact to the long-term service business. Arlanis Reply configures all common Salesforce components such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud or App Cloud, or adds individual programming if required. In doing so, Arlanis Reply relies on agile project management methods and a project approach optimized for Salesforce introductions, which ensures maximum flexibility.