Personalized Marketing Automation

Marketing Cloud enables high personalization with synchronized Sales Cloud data

A client within the automotive industry wanted to expand their marketing automation activities to create a better experience for their customers. The company was looking for a single platform for marketing activities across different brands and markets that would also be compatible with the existing Salesforce Sales Cloud software – this is where Marketing Cloud and Arlanis Reply steps in. Cross-channel communication possibilities was important for the client, considering that they had already implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud. Using the CRM master data from Sales Cloud, the car manufacturer wanted to personalize its marketing content to communicate more effectively with their customers. All emails and customer journeys needed to be personalized in order to increase brand consistency in customer interaction.


GDPR compliance was a major topic for the company, in which two aspects above all play a role:

  • Migration of the existing Marketing Cloud into a dedicated environment with “Transparent Data Encryption.”
  • Cross-cloud implementation of Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Heroku in place, ensuring smooth functionality.


As part of the Salesforce family, Marketing Cloud integration was easy to implement. The different clouds function seamlessly together in Salesforce, and Marketing and Sales Cloud is no exception. Especially using these two together enables automation for highly personalized content at mass scale, based on customers’ interests and engagement behaviors. Every communication now includes dynamic content, which is content personalized to customer’s attributes, along with pre-defined customer journeys. This means in order to create a highly personal experience, the new automation processes interact with customers specifically based on their status and engagement behaviors.

To enable continuous CRM data exchange between multiple Sales Cloud organization in connection to Marketing Cloud, Arlanis Reply established a linkage using Marketing Cloud Connect. Arlanis Reply was thus able to achieve the synergy effects for the company and their needs by using our experience on cross-cloud projects (like Sales-, Service- and Marketing Cloud). Finally, to enhance the capabilities in campaign management (from planning, to execution and reporting), Heroku was used for cross-cloud implementation between Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud.

Agile Approach

In order to implement the project efficiently, the technical requirements were discussed in the form of user stories. Using this method, the expected results of the implementation could be identified more precisely. This agile approach took into account various influencing factors, even across many projects, and identified synergy effects during implementation. For those participating in the project, continuous and open communication prevailed to provide the client with the best possible service.