Implementing an environmental sustainability programme with the expertise of Arlanis Reply and the Salesforce Net-Zero Cloud platform

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In the context of today’s profound climate change, answering with sustainable solutions is essential for organisations to help reduce their emissions and carbon footprint, while at the same time, enhancing their performance and corporate reputation.

Green practices and sustainability reports are becoming key business tools for organisations to differentiate themselves from competitors and to demonstrate maximum transparency towards their stakeholders.
The analysis and tracking of carbon emissions, the reduction in the use of plastic and the monitoring of energy sources, however, are activities that can require a huge commitment on the part of the organisation in terms of time and human capital, to the point that these become a potential barrier to action for those looking to seriously pursue the zero emissions goal.

The transition towards a greener business model

The benefits of a sustainable approach


The sale of sustainable products is an increasingly more significant growth factor for the entire company. The vast majority of European retailers has seen a strong increase in the sales of these products over the past 5 years and this trend is expected to continue over the next 5 years, with higher rates.


Growing numbers of consumers are encouraging companies to become more sustainable, including changing their own consumption habits to reduce environmental impact.


By 2025, more than half the workforce will be made up of Millennials, a generation increasingly sensitive to social and environmental issues and open to favouring companies with solid Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

Sustainability and transparency in a data platform

Through its Salesforce Net-Zero Cloud platform, Arlanis Reply offers a complete and effective solution to help organisations combine sustainability, efficiency and transparency.

Thanks to unified and scalable management, companies can monitor their consumption, enabling them to verify and improve their efforts in terms of sustainability. This is in order to achieve carbon neutrality and share the progress of the results obtained over time with stakeholders.

Every single piece of data must not only be collected, organised and updated, but also validated – both internally and through external audits – and then published to demonstrate to all stakeholders, in a transparent and efficient manner, the company’s commitment to the reduction of emissions.

With Salesforce Net-Zero Cloud, it is possible to offer third parties a clear snapshot of the organisation’s energy consumption patterns, ensuring compliance based on the internationally recognised GRI reporting standard.

Driving change through data


Defining the Organisation Assets to be monitored (buildings, machinery, vehicles, etc.), in order to detect their CO2 emissions


Associating to each Asset, the types of consumption for which it is responsible, tracking them through Energy Use Records


Associating Energy Use Records with Emission Factors, values that make it possible to calculate the CO2 equivalent produced, starting from a certain type of energy consumption


Building different types of carbon footprints based on the company's specific scope, through the association of Energy Use Records


Viewing data through dashboards and reports, in order to obtain a clear image of the company's commitment, and engaging employees in the tracking of consumption

Salesforce Net-Zero Cloud: who is the solution intended for?

Arlanis Reply’s solution is highly flexible, allowing compatibility with any type of organisation, regardless of the sector, size, and level of vertical or horizontal integration. Its scalable nature allows companies to manage large amounts of data collected from different assets (buildings, machinery, vehicles, etc.), which can also be located in different geographical sites, within a single space.

Download the Brochure to find out more about the approach proposed by Arlanis Reply to help build your sustainability report.

Download the brochure

Arlanis Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in consulting and the implementation of projects on Salesforce cloud technologies. Arlanis Reply supports and enables market leaders to transform their business models, processes and IT architectures in order to obtain competitive advantages and ensure cost efficiency. Arlanis Reply works with all Cloud Salesforce, Mulesoft and Heroku technologies, designing solutions in line with the customer’s specific needs, while ensuring the correct balance between the product configuration and the necessary customisations. The company adopts the Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid methodologies, with an approach optimised on the characteristics of the specific projects and customers, ensuring maximum flexibility to achieve the desired results.