A Customer Management Platform for Multichannel Commerce

Several thousand requests per day

With several stationary stores in addition to around 40 online shops for a large number of international target markets and a portfolio comprising more than 100,000 products, a sporting goods retailer has established itself as one of the leading multichannel providers in its segment. Despite its size and a daily merchandise traffic of more than 10,000 shipments, the digital retailer wants to be close to its customers.

Among the staff, the 80 service employees are an important contact point. They are reached by around 3,000 to 4,000 customer e-mails and SMS every day. The dealer therefore needed a platform that would help him to manage this large number of enquiries throughout Europe. The company's requirements ranged from the ability to automatically categorize received data, to automated replies, to ticket creation as confirmation of receipt. The ticket handling process – from open to closed – also needed to be streamlined to make the process easier for service staff.

Day-by-day handling

In order to give top priority to customer satisfaction, the target was set to: processing requests in less than 24 hours.

The company strived to create an efficient and effective process to maintain its reputation as a leading supplier.

The Arlanis Reply solution

  • Predictive Analysis: predictive topic categorization through Machine Learning
  • Automated Replies: Receipt confirmation
  • Automatic Escalation: 24H deadline with escalation unit assignment
  • Feedback Management Platform: customer satisfaction performance measurement
  • Future Outlook: CTI with automated customer database trigger

Once a customer ticket is registered in the system, Salesforce provides ticket data via WebService to Amazon Web Services Machine Learning. AWS ML then performs predictive analysis and returns the predicted topic to categorize and place it in the proper queue. Specialized service personnel then handle the issue described in the ticket to provide the customer with the best solution possible. In addition to categorizing the tickets, Arlanis Reply enabled customer information to be included in the new overview, as are other open tickets that are linked to the same email address – and thus linking everything to the same customer.

In order to guarantee its customers the best possible service, if the ticket exceeds the 24-hour deadline set by the sporting goods supplier, it is automatically escalated and assigned to a dedicated "escalation unit" to ensure the special care necessary.

Direct performance measurement

Arlanis Reply has integrated a Feedback Management Platform to monitor customer satisfaction. This will measure the success of the sporting goods supplier’s strategy and its increase of customer satisfaction. Each case receives a Net Promoter Score and customer comments so that weekly assessments can be carried out to address dissatisfied customers and also to train the service staff in their competence and efficiency.

The Future

Future sprints with a CTI pilot are already planned. Through this, a telephone call will trigger the customer database, and automatically display an open case (if existing). In addition, Facebook and Instagram support has also entered the prototyping phase.
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