A CRM and Marketing solution based on the Salesforce platform and Marketing Cloud for KWS SAAT SE

Global process optimisation

For more than 160 years, KWS SAAT SE has been standing for excellence in seeds and farming. KWS sees itself as a strategic partner of farmers, constantly producing and breeding new varieties, meeting the highest quality standards.

In order to achieve more transparency and efficiency within the company, KWS strived to optimise the processes in cooperation with its global daughter companies.

To realise their plans KWS partnered with Arlanis Reply. First, a CRM and Marketing solution based on the Salesforce platform and Marketing Cloud was implemented and a global template for the roll out in 30 countries was developed. The order management was technically integrated, with an order entry app developed by Arlanis Reply. This app enters the orders quickly and easily into the system, making it visible for everybody.

The global rollout of the CRM system is based on the Salesforce platform and became available to 30 different countries. Arlanis Reply shows again that with an agile project approach, processes can be changed quickly and easily realised. The global presence of the Reply network became a decisive advantage when it came to the support of worldwide processes.

Together with Arlanis Reply, KWS pursues a standardisation of a heterogeneous system landscape as the major goal. The challenge consists of consolidating all the different systems in use by the subsidiaries in the different countries.

The Outcome

Arlanis Reply supports KWS by analysing the existing CRM and Marketing processes with the involvement of all stakeholders to gain a global overview of all the requirements for the new system.

A cloud-based CRM was implemented along with Salesforce Marketing Cloud for the subsidiaries thanks to the agile project approach. Arlanis Reply migrated all data step by step from all the operating systems into the new Salesforce platform and integrated the Salesforce CRM with the ERP system. Now the systems are always updated and available to every user, and more importantly: multiple maintenance became history.

For the seamless integration of external systems, for example of the ERP system based on SAP, web service interfaces were developed. Now master data and order data are able to be in a constant exchange. This offers KWS a central view in real time and with current data in Salesforce.